Tridentine Funeral w/o Universal Indult?

Assuming that a universal indult is never issued, does a Catholic have the right to request a TLM funeral even if he/she does not live in a diocese with an indult? Just curious. Thanks.


The indult now gives permission for all the traditional sacraments.

I guess you could REQUEST it, but your Bishop may shut it down.

Aren’t requests in a Will, or the last requests of the dying, morally imperative on the living? I forget the exact quote, but I recall a priest saying that if a person requests a requiem Mass and burial in the traditional rite, then the priests/bishop in question will answer to God for any refusals to accommodate that request. Considering the motu proprio Ecclesia Dei calls for a generous permission for the TLM, I can’t see many reasons why a request for a traditional requiem Mass and burial would be refused.

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