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Well I’m 17 years old and have never been an altar boy, however since I started attending daily mass at a more traditional parish (where altar boys are altar boys and where they wear what they are supposed to) I’ve been wanting to be one. And as I posted on another thread I just found out that Fr. is learning to celebrate the TLM - so I was wondering if there might be a course similar to that to train priests, but for those that want to be altar boys.

By the way, I think that if I do do a program (to learn the responses) there’d be room for me, because while this parish is blessed with altar boys it is N.O. fort he most part, and I’m not sure if there are enough that would be willing or who could celebrate the Tridentine Mass.


You can learn how to serve Low Mass by ordering “How to Serve Low Mass” at the link below.

Most likely you will only have low Mass at your parish for some time since a sung Mass or Solemn Mass is much more involved.

May I congradulate you in advance of this undertaking of yours. The survival and advancement of the Traditional (Extraordinary) Roman Rite is dependant on people such as yourself.


Well I have a bit of a problem with SPPX - and their printing house so I doubt that I’ll purchase from them however I found something for free which seems decent -


I learned how to serve Low Mass from experience- you’ll trip over your cassock a couple times, forget to genuflect in some places, genuflect too many times in other places, mess up the Latin prayers and forget to give Father his biretta at the end of Mass, but you’ll learn :wink:

The Angelus Press Missal is excellent. Some of their works are questionable, but others are quite good.

It happened to me many times but now I’m improved especially on not tripping over the cassock, thank God! :slight_smile:

The Angelus Press is excelente!


Instaurare omnia in Christo

Catholig, it is wonderful that you want to learn to serve the 1962 Mass. It is good to have a book to help you learn to serve, and you might familiarize yourself with the altar boy’s role by watching a good video of a 1962 Mass, but nothing replaces human instruction. Do you have any friends who also would like to serve? As a group you might approch the priest who is learning the 1962 Mass (I have heard that is is envisioned that a cottage industry of workshops to teach priests to say the 1962 Mass is going to spring up in various parts of the country), and ask him to run a little workshop for you guys. Father will need servers, and one is not enough! He will want to have a group of young men on whom he can call. Besides, as all teachers know, nothing reinforces your own knowledge of a subject more that teaching it to others. As you young men become proficient in serving, you can help pass the knowledge on to the younger boys. Thank you for offering to help, to make it easier for priests to make the 1962 Mass available to all who want it.

Actually the gift shop at my parish sells those packages from Angelus press- they are complete with an audio tape to aid with correct pronunciation of Latin. And we are in communion with Rome.

I have found it invaluble to learn how to serve Low Mass and correctly pronounce the Latin words.


May I also add my congratualtions to you in your desire to learn to serve the traditional mass. The one you have located (above) is in my opinion the best available on the web.

Thank you, I asked father about it and he said he already has a few volunteers but he needs more than a few. He also said to keep practicing - and that there will be some kind of altar boy training before the first TLM (he needs the Pastor’s permission first though).

Exciting times.


I’m 36 and I’m going to learn how to be a TLM altar “man”.

My brother-in-law is a Priest, and he dying for me to learn. I guess he wants his own captive server for private masses.:wink:

I have a 1962 Latin English Missal, and an old handbook for the Mass, and am going to try to teach myself.

God Bless

Let me try and put this from a “been there, done that” perspective. One asked to join the altar boys at the end of third grade which for me would have been the summer of 1960.

All through the summer, one attended sessions with Father in which one learned the proper Latin responses first and foremost. Then one started to learn how to serve. Now, back then there was no shortage of altar boys and one was assigned to a team. You served with your team and learned all the actions you needed over a course of years. Eventually, you learned enough so that by sixth grade, you could serve the 6am low Mass as the only server and were put on rotation. By 1967, I was the senior altar boy for my parish and when my parish was dedicated, I got to kneel and kiss the archbishop’s ring (something which is not done too much today).

Our Lord has blessed me with an adequate tenor voice and I have sung in our cathedral choir for over 18 years. At 55 I stand ready and willing to don cassock and surplice once more. I have no doubt that I have forgotten much in the last 40 years but I also know it will come back fairly quickly.

Thats a lot of preparation and training. To serve as thurifer at Sunday High Mass I recieved a two-hour training session with Father and the Master of Ceremonies. To serve Low Mass I had ten minutes to scramble over the Latin and my duties before Mass started, having only found out ten minutes before :o

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