Tridentine Mass and Confession

I attend a conservative Novus Ordo parish (the nearest Tridentine Mass is 116 miles away). Were I to someday have the opportunity to go to that Tridentine Mass, even if I were in a technical state of grace, should I freshly confess before I attend the Tridentine? What I mean to say is, would I not be in enough of a state of grace to receive otherwise?

You’re either in a state of grace or you’re not. It’s pretty black and white. You can’t be “sort of” in a state of grace.

If you have unconfessed mortal sins, go to confession. Otherwise, beware scrupulousness.

Mass is Mass-do not think that just because a Tridentine Mass is more “formal” that you have to be “better”-you can receive Communion in the same state of grace that you (and the Church!) consider good enough for the Novus Ordo Mass. To do otherwise smacks of Jansenism (who though Communion was a sort of reward for good behavior) or just simple superstition.

Thanks people :slight_smile:

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