Tridentine Mass During the Triduum Answered!

For those who answered wrongly in the past, for those Diocese who are forbidding the TLM during the Triduum…

Our question was answered tonight by Colin Donovan on EWTN.

“Some do not even understand the law in regards to the Novus Ordo.”

It is not that the TLM is forbidden during the Triduum, but ALL PRIVATE MASSES INCLUDING PRIVATE NOVUS ORDO MASSES are forbidden during the Triduum!

So if your Bishop is forbidding the TLM in his Diocese during the Triduum it is now time to contact the Ecclesia Dei Commission!

Kenneth Leary
Berlin, NJ (not exactly)

It was good to have this very public clarification. I thought that, overall, discussion was excellent! :smiley:

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