Tridentine Mass in South Korea?

Not sure if this is the right area to post this message, but was wondering if anyone resident in Korea knows of a regularly held Tridentine form mass either in Seoul, Incheon, or western Gyonggi province.

I don’t know of any but perhaps this may help you out:

Or you might try “wikkiMissa” in your search engine. They’ll have an asia link.

The only Traditional Mass in South Korea for now is at the SSPX chapel in Seoul.

here is the wikkimissa link to seoul;

Its only once a month but Diocesan. You’ll also find the SSPX link, too

The Cathedral in Seoul has an OF Mass in Latin.

I attended that Mass on several occasions.

Thanks Corsair – I didn’t know about that diocesan approved Mass. That is a very good sign. I looked at the link provided and I didn’t actually see any indication that there is a regular once-per-month Mass but then again my Korean is really rotten so I could easily have missed it.

Brendan – the OP asked about Tridentine Masses, so a Latin OF isn’t of much interest.

Lastly, there is a man I know who was in the U.S. Army in Korea during the Korean war. He took many photographs of Catholic Churches in Korea at that time and they were all very traditional and beautiful. It makes me sad, having seen those photographs, to see what is going on in the Catholic Church in Korea these days…

Actually, the first (modern times) Non-SSPX Tridentine Mass was celebrated in Gwangju (Jeollanamdo) last April. There was a blog article about it somewhere…

Not sure if is happening again, or regularly. Gwangju Archdiocese is celebrating a special Year of the Liturgy this year, so maybe more EF Masses will be offered soon.

Why not talk to someone at Myeongdong Cathedral, they might know.

Otherwise, come on down to the Seoul International parish…in Hannamdong. (Yongsangu) It’s the OF, but the 9am Mass is pretty straightforward…no funny stuff. The 11 o’clock one is a bit more…upbeat shall we say. :wink:

When I happen to be in Korea, I’m out in the hills, so to speak, and the run-of-the-mill Korean OF Mass is perfectly reverent and acceptable. Not that I wouldn’t rather go to a TLM, but one takes what one can get.

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