Tridentine Mass Questions

We have a Tridentine indult Mass here in the U.S. Territory of Guam and I find it very refreshing. Once per month we have a High Mass which is sung (“Missa Cantata”). Gregorian chant…all the smells and bells… Anyway, click here to a page with links to six short video clips from a recent sung High Mass here.

I know what you are saying here and I agree. But someone may read this and think that traditional rules are far less strict than modern rules. Just an observation.

yes malcolm, you must be corrrect in your indication that the congregation can do anything it wants at mass. i realize by your position that the head of the congregation of divine worship in the vatican archbishop ranjith was speaking about the people attending the “tridentine mass’ when he issued comments regarding the loss of reverence in the church. oh…i’m sorry, he was addressing the problems with the n.o. (sic " a reform of the reform and turning towards the lord”) have a good year. (alih)

We attended our first Latin Mass last night. It was wonderful and, definitely, had more reverence than the NO. My wife and I plan to attend again. I do not mean to offend anyone, but the NO that we attended seemed more like a pleasant gathering of friends, than a solemn ceremony. In short, the NO seemed like the Protestant “worship” services that we had attended. Of course, not being fluent in Latin was a hinderance, pero es solamente un otra lengua!

BTW, does anyone know of an online missalette of the TLM?

i personally would say for the first time dress nicely but comfortable. trust me with this tid-bit. traditionalists do not expect modernists to know all the rules. and we are always happy to see a new face.
if the wife feels more comfortable in loose fitting slacks fine. if the husband wants to where a shirt with a sweater and dockers fine.
just be comfortable. i do not recommend trying to follow along in the missal; just study the priest.
the only thing that may surprise you is kneeling to receive communion and do not put your hands rested on the communion rail. some have a cloth over the communion rail. if they do hands go under the cloth.
i hope you enjoy this beautiful mass.

Also, Is there a Latin Missal that TLM Order of Mass is given? And…where can I get it?

Ouch !* It’s a good thing I wasn’t there.*
But to be courteous, I’d remind her there was a Papal Indult after Vatican II.* Why would SHE (or her store) refuse to accomodate THAT?

I have no idea…LOL. Just recently a lady started going to the TLM and asked where I had gotten my missal. She said she had gone to this same CATHOLIC bookstore and they had none and weren’t going to be getting any in. I got one for her on eBay (where I got mine). It seems the bookstore lady has a real aversion for some reason to the TLM.:frowning:

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