Tridentine Mass vs Extraordinary Form

Is there a difference between the Tridentine Mass and the Roman Rite according to the Extraordinary Form or are the terms interchangeable?

Same thing.

Is there a time you would use one term over the other?

I have heard the term “extraordinary form” is being preferred as it highlights that it is just one of two forms of the same Roman rite. Also the term “Tridentine Mass” implies that that Mass originated at Trent, something which is slightly misleading.

Without looking at the motu proprio, isn’t the actual term as used by Pope Benedict the “extraordinary usage”?

Not sure. I thought it was usus antiquor (ancient use) and forma extraordinaria (extraordinary form) - mind you I’m not looking either! :shrug:

2 terms are used actually: “extraordinaria expressio” (extraordinary expression) and “formam extraordinariam” (extraordinary form)

But well I always liked Classical Use as a term better.

I see where I had gotten the idea of “extraordinary usage”. It is actually from the accompanying letter to the motu proprio, where the Holy Father says:

“It is not appropriate to speak of these two versions of the Roman Missal as if they were “two Rites”. Rather, it is a matter of a twofold use of one and the same rite.”

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