Tridentine Mass with the Blessed Sacrament exposed

Has anyone been to a Tridentine Mass with the Blessed Sacrament exposed. I read somewhere that is was permitted and I think it’s commonly done with the Forty Hours devotion.

Yes… Missa Coram Sanctissimo.

We have that on the third day of 40 hours devotion.

I also have the “manual” here for the rubrics if you have questions.


I know that the Classical Praemonstratension rite for the octave of Corpus Christi not only had expostion during Mass but benediction four times as well.

It does not matter what mass is being offered. The eucharist should not be exposed in the same area as the mass. See

If a Chapel is within the walls of the Church but is in a separate room, can the Blessed Sacrament be exposed during Mass?

The question is treated succinctly in paragraph 61 of the 1967 Instruction On Eucharistic Worship issued by the Sacred Congregation of Rites as quoted below:

[quote]While the Blessed Sacrament is exposed, the celebration of Mass in the same area of the church (eadem aula ecclesiae) is forbidden … This is because … the celebration of the Mystery of the Eucharist includes in a more perfect way that spiritual communion to which exposition should lead the faithful. Therefore there is no need for this further help. If exposition of the Blessed Sacrament is prolonged for a day, or for several successive days, it should be interrupted during the celebration of the Mass, unless it is celebrated in a chapel apart from the exposition area and at least some of the faithful remain in adoration.

So to answer the question accordingly: Yes, the Blessed Sacrament can be exposed during Mass if the chapel of exposition is physically separated from the main body of the church where the mass is celebrated provided that some of the faithful remain in adoration in the adoration chapel. If adoration is held within the same body of the church or integrally connected to the worship area even if off to the side, then the Blessed Sacrament should be reposed prior to Mass, to be exposed again at the conclusion of the Mass.

There are rubrics in the Tridentine Mass that do allow for exposition. The Blessed Sacrament would be exposed on the exposition throne of the altar while Mass was being offered. I have looked at rubrics in Tridentine Mass related textbooks like the one by Fortescue and the altar server book from Angelus Press. Examples of rubrics are no bells are rung at the consecration and everyone offers a double genuflection as opposed to a single genuflection.

After the Vatican II reforms this practice was done away with. Perhaps this new ruling was for the better. However, I put this thread out just to see how many indults or even SSPX churches practiced the custom of Mass with the Blessed Sacrament exposed.

It was not a common occurance, maybe once or twice a year and not done everywhere. They were very very solemn Masses indeed. If I remember correctly they would normally be held either during the Feast of Corpus Christi or in that same general time period.

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