tridentine Mass


Can anyone point me to some websites that explain the symbolism of the tridentine mass? I love the mass and I’m eager to know every single detail of it.

Thanks and God bless!


also, I prefer not to read any sites that are anti-Vatican II and the like. I just want to know about all the positive aspects of the tridentine. I’ve read too many sites that tear apart the Novus Ordo Mass, and such Mass-bashing doesn’t draw me closer to the Tridentine.

here is a pretty good one I remember reading a few years ago.

your choice of websites: 1 version is slightly different from the other.

Here are a few more.

This one I think you’ll like.
The vesting of a priest:

Liturgical Vessels:

Candles & Lamps

There are some other really good ones on this site, if your intrested take a look:

i’ll have to find it, but there is two complete high masses available for download from Vancouver online. Um, no support for them, but sspx the united kingdom website has a great picture by picture description and is informative. Google it as “sspx uk”

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