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Nothing against the FSSP but they seem to have some sort of vested interest in seeing that the SSPX are as disconnected as possible from the Church, words from the Vatican notwithstanding.

Bob tell me if you were in the Army are you going to support an armed militia set up all over your country because that is what SSPX is, sure they have a legit ordination, in the same way a militia has real weapons. This doesn’t mean that they are supported by the authorities and if there is a counterpart who is supported by the authorities you are obliged to follow. This is the problem in southern Lebanon where the locals would rather support Hezbollah then the Lebanese army, but that’s another story for another day.

With the anti-SSPX stuff —that some come up with—there has to be an anti–SSPX driven agenda being taught within the Church.

Sorry if I offended your sensibilities. You may have a legitimate analogy, you may not. I don’t know what the situation is in southern Lebanon because I haven’t been there. I’ll agree with you to delay the discussion for another day, how’s that? But I will think about your point.

I am truly sorry if I have offended anyone it was not my aim to, I understand what SSPX have in mind and I respect it completely but as of yet I haven’t meet a single member in all of Sydney who didn’t have some sort of hatred towards anyone who wasn’t a member of them. When the fact of the matter is that Archbishop Lefebvre disobeyed orders from the Pope causing him and any who followed him into schism. Pope Benedict VI then Cardinal ratzinger helped found FSSP as there seemed to be a great hunger for the Tridentine mass.

God Bless all.

Still say—there must be some type of anti–SSPX agenda being taught out there in the Church.

I dont know anything about that but what got me interested in the topic were people from the SSPX telling me that they were the only legit group and in my study of church documents and history I found quite a diferent picture


You got that one right!:slight_smile:

Please don’t discuss the SSPX in this thread. Return to the OP’s topic or I will close the thread. Thank you.

I attended my first Tridentine Mass back in 1989. I did not understand one word. Then I attended again in 1999. I still did not understand one word, found it hard to follow the Mass in the red Mass booklets, but that did not deter me from proving the liberals wrong.

Within one year of 2000 I was able to serve Low Mass. I was even able to be Master of Ceremonies at Solemn Mass. I was able to train altar boys how to serve the TLM- even altar boys who were accustomed to serving the Novus Ordo only.

Within two years I was able to “understand” the Latin responses I would make. At first it was just learning the words without understanding the meanings, but with constant repetition, and reading the Latin and English translation side by side, some of the words took hold.

I would say that if you have the “Novus Ordo Mentality” of responding to everything and understanding every word, that you will have to take a step “back”, so to say, and have a “sense of the sacred”. The more you touch something prescious it seems less prescious so to say.

For me, something that is “holy”- I want to have veils placed before- so that in order to get to it I have to go through barriers. In the words of the late Dr. William Marra, “I want to have to go through this way, and then this way, through barriers to get to the holy thing.” The barriers make it seem “sacred”.

When I attended my first TLM it seemed like the most sacred action, the most sacred and holiest event ever. Mother Church created it- over time, year after year, constantly developing, naturally developing the liturgy under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.


I don’t know where you are getting your information but it is dead wrong. Do you just sit back and listen to what whoever is telling you this, tell it? Or do you research it and go out and see for yourself? I have never heard a more ridiculous, biased, or calumniated opinion.

Do you go to weddings in blue jeans?

Sure, on a beach. :smiley:

Any insight, or experience, would be useful to me, i would like to hear from any RC’s who, like me, are used to the new mass but have crossed to the tridentine, and how they dealt with not knowng latin, how long it takes to pick it up etc

Like you, I grew up in the Novus Ordo. I got away from the church for about 13 years. I’ve been back for about 3 years now, and went to my first Tridentine Mass on Easter Sunday of this year.

That Mass totally changed my life. Do get me wrong; I still believe the Novus Ordo is valid and beautiful. Quite honestly, and I know I’ll probably get negative feedback for this, but I think it would be possible and awesome to combine certain elements from both Masses into one single Mass said around the world. Sorry, I’m getting off topic.

The Tridentine Mass has so much more reverence compared to the Novus Ordos that I’ve attended, and particularly the Novus Ordo of my parish.

I go to the Tridentine about once or twice a month. I love that Mass. Did I mention that I love that Mass?

But, if it came down to it, I would absolutely have to choose the Novus Ordo at my parish over the Tridentine at a different parish because I sincerely believe in supporting the local parish. Though that doesn’t keep me from praying earnestly that my parish would support the Tridentine.

BTW, did I mention that I’m IN LOVE with the Tridentine Mass?

first of all, you can get a missal that has it in Latin and english. then you can follow along quite easily. also note, there are TLM’s you can go. the FSSP has alot od TLM’s out there.

Get a 1962 Missal and have a read of the main parts of the Mass in Latin and in English, before you go to one. Then go and just take it all in with out worrying about where you are in the Missal. Just have the intention to be united with Our Lord on the Altar. You’ll get the hang of it, and you may even start to notice some of the latin phrases going around in youtr head.

Before I went to my first TLM, I read an online Missal so I could know what would be said. I was struck with the reverence in addressing God through the old Mass.

It was a late afternoon Low Mass in the middle of a freezing winter. There was no music or anything. But for the next week I walked around in a daze. It was love at first sight! Finally I understood the Mass in the context of a 2000 year old Church founded by God Himself.

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