Tridentine Masses in Ocala, Fl

Has anyone heard of the Tridentine Masses being said in Ocala FL


I have not heard anything specifically about Ocala. Try contacting the parishes. In a city to the north of Ocala, I heard a long time ago (before the Motu Proprio) of a priest possibly being interested in the TLM but since then I haven’t received an update.

Thank you. I will try to contact the gainesville churches.


I will be visiting my mother in Ocala, so if you hear of anything, I would surely like to know. Thanks!


There are some parishes in orlando and jacksonville if you like to dirve. There is a great old church in jacksonville I have attended in the past. If I hear of any closer churches I will gladly pass it on.

PS I come from brooklyn Ft Green area years ago.

take care

George Vazoulas

I just got word that Queen of Peace church in Ocala will have the TLM but no details (e.g. time & dates) have been set yet.

That is great news! I will be looking forward to having the tridentine mass here in Ocala.

Thank You

i love that priest. isnt he something. my mom amd dad live there in the winter. i try to get down each year. i love ocala too. boy has it grown up in the last 20 years

That is great news! My mom is a once-devout Catholic who has fallen away, and I would love to b able to take her to a TLM, since that is what she always knew.

Thank you! :thumbsup:


I’ve never met the priest before but from what I gather he’s an older Irish priest. Strange that I think that all the diocesean priests offering the TLM in Florida are foreign born or at the very belong to an ethnic group? Not that I’m saying that is wrong, in fact, I’m of Polish ancestry. But it makes you wonder if one of the seminaries here in Florida will ever produce a priest to offer the TLM. :mad:

Here are some pics of the church. Looks a lot nicer than what Fr. Fryar has to work with;

hey im polish too. I guess no wonder huh. I guess mostly all polish people were catholic huh. I will say they do hold to their religion. I know my dad no one and i mean no one will ever ever take away his catholic religion. He will be like the catholic church he will be standing true till the end. GOd Bless you and have a wonderful week

Father Patrick O’Doherty is a wonderful priest. We are blessed to have him at Queen of Peace. What a great suprise it was to find out that the tridentine mass would be said at our church.


there is no one ever that can give a sermon like that man is there. how about that church isnt it beautiful and so big. i havent been there for about 2 years now, but is it still hard to get a parking place. does he still pack them in like he used to.

Parking lot does get full. I usually wait about 20 min after mass before I try to get out. They will make another exit sometime in the future to help with the traffic flow. Father Patrick is a great speaker and writer too. We lovingly call him the Bishop of rt 200 because he is dearly loved by his flock.


Wow … I live within driving distance or Our Lady Queen of Peace!!! I have been praying for the availability of the Traditional Mass nearby for us.
My husband and I submitted our letter to our Parish Priest July 26th. It was a simple letter with the request that the TLM be made available to us. We stated that there are 3 of us in our home who would attend regularly and if there is a list please add us. We have heard absolutely NOTHING :mad: back. Our next step, since Sept. 14 has passed is to write to the Bishop. We are in the St. Petersburg Diocese) I Don’t expect anything to come back from there either.
At any rate the nearest TLM is an hour away and at 6:30 am … no way we can get to that. Then there are 3 others, each 2 hours away and therefore out of our reach because of my husbands work hours. So the TLM at Our Lady Queen of Peace would be within a distance that I could get to!!!
Oh thank you so much for this thread … I will be watching their schedule and if I have to I will switch to the Orlando Diocese and join that church.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Info on the return of the TLM to Ocala is above. Looks like they have started handing out info on the TLM and will conduct education seminars on the TLM soon…

Thanks so very much! I cannot wait! I am in the St. Petersburg Diocese and so far they are offering nothing more that I know or. At least I can get to the Ocala one easily. I am so thankful to God for this answer to my prayers!
Pax et bonum,

FYI-Fr. Fryar from the FSSP will offer Mass in Ocala next Sunday at 6:00 PM,

Hi Eddie,
Thanks so much for this info. What church is it going to be at and do you mean December 2 … tomorrow or next Sunday? Is this going to be a regular thing?
Thanks in advance and sorry for so many questions. This is very exciting!!!
:thumbsup: Winger

Just going from what hear; I know the TLM will be a weekly occurance Queen of Peace but Fr. Fryar offering the Mass on the 9th (the second Sunday of Advent — not tommorow) might be just a special occurance as I heard the pastor of Ocala will be the regular priest offering Mass.

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