Tridentine orders?

Hi all. I hope i picked the right forum for this one. I know that the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter is a Catholic Order that is dedicated to the Latin Mass. I was wondering if there were any other valid ones? Thanks.

There is also the Society of St. John Cantius, based in Chicago

Institute of Christ the King Soverign Priest is another one.

thats the one! I couldnt think of the name though! Thank you!

There is also this Benedictine monastery, Our Lady of the Annuciation, in Clear Creek, Oklahoma.


Yes, the ICRSS is quite an amazing congregation. I am looking into it myself.

Me also.

Both male and female orders are listed

Is this not just an amazing group? As far as I know they are one of only 2 Benedictine communities (OSB that is) in the United States that are truely contemplative. No schools, no massive retreat centers, just monks and the Liturgy. Before I fell in love with Trappist spirtuality and ascetics, I was thinking about contacting this group, even though I am not particularly fond of the TLM.

There is also the Society of St. John Cantius, based in Chicago

No. They are NOT a tridentine society.

They are one of Chicago’s major tridentine mass sites, and are a wonderful group with a beautiful church and an active parish in terms of their chant and choirs and classical learning, but they are NOT a tridentine society.

They say a tridentine mass every day, and two on Sundays, but that is all.

They also say Novus Ordo masses daily, and they do NOT use the traditional breviary. They use the regular “liturgy of the hours” like everyone else, and most of their other sacraments are in the Novus Ordo form. They do not go through the minor orders etc. The lack of the traditional breviary is one of the worst things, as the LOTH just got decimated after VII.

From what I’ve been told by a priest in one of these orders, there are only three legitimate traditional Orders (in the strict sense) in the United States today:

The Clear Creek Benedictines
The Canons Regular of the New Jerusalem
And some Carmelites somewhere I forget

Many have tried to start, but as of right now, only these have stuck it out, not dying and shutting down (like the scandal in Scranton) nor going into schism (like the SSPX) nor being unregular and unrecognized canonically (like the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart)

The FSSP and ICRSS are not Orders. They do not take public vows, especially not Solemn, do not take a vow of poverty, are not organized under one of the ancient Rules, etc. They are technically Priestly Societies or Societies of Apostolic Life NOT Societies of Consecrated Life. Their priests are not, technically, Religious.

I myself am strongly drawn to the Canons Regular of the New Jerusalem. I have visited them and will again in two weeks. If they will take me, I will join as soon as they let me.

They are a very sincere group, and very small. There are only 3men living in their house. I think there used to be even 4 at some point but one left. The Superior teaches all the necessary classes to the others. They are very close to each other and a very small group.

Some people, they tell me, are turned off by the fact that they aren’t bigger. They don’t want to join because they don’t have a monastery like a castle, or all sorts of quaint stuff in silver and gold that people imagine when romanticizing religious life. No. They live in a regular house on several acres the diocese gave them, with a very nice chapel build from an old garage. But for me, what matters is the liturgy and the charism and the sincerity of spirit, which they have. I think they have great potential, but they’ll never grow if people dont join

What about the Benedictines of Mary Queen of Apostles listed under women’s orders on the website above? They can’t be the “scandal in Scranton” if they still have their website up, right? Was the source you quoted referring only to men’s groups? Do you know anything about the women’s ones? Thanks for the help.

The scandel in Scranton is the Society of St. John.

Was the source you quoted referring only to men’s groups?


Do you know anything about the women’s ones?

Not really. But from what I can tell the Oblates in Scranton are the only ones in the US who aren’t schismatic or “independent”.

The scandal in Scranton is the Society of St. John.

Yup. Now let’s never mention them again…

In March 2006 they moved from the Scranton diocese in PA to the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph in Missouri. Their new Web site is at: (their old site is still up, but has the new content on it). You can read about their name change, from Oblates to Benedictines, which became effective on May 9, 2006.

The new Web site for Una Voce International has the list of traditional orders at

The Benedictines in OK are a daughterhouse of Abbaye Notre-Dame de Fontgombault in France. Also, they have started a second order (nuns).

While not a Traditional Order in the strict sense of the word, the Norbertines also say the Traditional Mass and are very traditional and conservative in nature.

Tisk tisk Caesar…

The FSSP shall always remain the most amazing…amongst the amazing. :cool:

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