Tridentine Vigil of the Assumption this evening August 14th

I just returned from the 6 PM Tridentine Mass and have a few questions. The mass was listed in the Bulletin as Vigil of the Assumption with alternate (Comm. St. Eusebius) It was the same low mass as last Thursday. I was expecting the Rosary to be said, but it wasn’t. Does that mean that the mass was the alternate mass?

Also, should I expect a High Mass for tomorrow’s Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Tridentine Mass?

I’m doing better at following along in the Missal, but it will take a while for me to catch on to Latin. Luckily, there are pictures along the collar showing the priest doing different rituals. I could keep aligned by comparing what the priest was doing with the pictures along the collar of the 1962 Missal. There was a separate page for the ending of the Low Mass with 3 Hail Mary prayers. However, the Archangel Michael prayer is what I need most for some of these Internet Threads. Ha! Just, joking of course.


There are no rubrics specifying the praying of the Rosary before or after Mass, this is just a common practice by some of the faithful. Sometimes it is organized from a private rosary to a public one.

Thanks, I have quite a few relative who have farms along the shore of Lake Erie in Port Stanley. Been in London many times. Is there a traditional Catholic Church with Tridentine Mass’ in London? You seem to be up to speed.


Hmm…a Tridentine Mass at 6 pm is not particularly traditional, “vigil” or not. The vigil is the whole pre-feast day before, and the Mass is usually in the morning as usual. Before the 1950’s all consecrations had to happen between midnight and noon. Exceptions were later made for the Triduum (where Holy Thursday and Saturday make sense in the night, and Good Friday at 3pm) but otherwise it is very late practice indeed to have masses after noon.

As it’s Wednesday here already, our parish is having 3 masses today, 7am 11am (low) and High Mass at 7pm, (which i will be attending).

Epistle: Ecclus XXIV 11-13 & 15 - 20. Gradual: Ps XIIV 5,11,12. Gospel: Luke X 38 -42.

Just a note, the first “mass” was in the 4th Century for the Assumption (one of the oldest);and the clergy of Constantinople had a procession on this day in honour of Mary.

We will have Blessing of Flowers and herbs at 8:00 AM, 10:30 AM, and 7:30 PM during Holy Masses. I assume that the 7:30 PM Mass will be Latin because the weekday Latin Masses are at 6:00 PM, We can also bring flowers to the Our Lady’s Shrine, which I plan to do.


Okay, thanks. That means that we probably had the alternate mass (Comm, St. Eusebius)? I would enjoy doing the whole traditional pre-feast day, seeing how I’m retired and have plenty of free time. At Saint Margaret Mary Church here in Oakland, California the English Masses are during the morning and Latin Tridentine week days at 6:00 PM. Sunday High Mass in Latin is at 12:30 PM, so the English Masses go first.


I’m not sure the commemoration is an alternate Mass so much as it just has a commemoration at one of the Collects.

But I’m not entirely sure how that works. I know the Office just has a commemoration, but what about Mass?

I think the way it goes is:

  • if the Mass is a low Mass then then commemoration is observed.
  • if the Mass is sung (non conventual), it is omitted since it is not privileged.

Not having the material in front of me to double check, I do believe AJV is accurate. With a commemoration, there is a second collect, secret, and postcommuion.

There is no parish or chapel for the Tridentine Mass specificaly. Once a month a priest from the Fraternity of St. Peter comes from their oratory in St. Catherines for Mass in the chapel of St. Joseph’s Hospital. We are hoping that soon the Tridentine Mass will be every Sunday.

However there are a couple Tridentine Masses in the city that are not approved by the Diocese, notably a sedevacantist church (CMRI) in the East end and a group of so-called ‘Old Catholics’ near Fanshawe College. There used to be a Mass celebrated by an SSPX priest somewhere, but he left the SSPX and became an independent a coupl years ago.

<<Luckily, there are pictures along the collar showing the priest doing different rituals. I could keep aligned by comparing what the priest was doing with the pictures along the collar of the 1962 Missal.>>

Does your missal wear a rabat stock too, or only a collar tab shirt?


If the Lord has you cornered into the chapel of St. Joseph’s Hospital, maybe you are being called to a chaplaincy ministry?

I probably shouldn’t brag like this, but Oakland has been blessed with a Latin Tridentine Mass 7 days a week. Saint Margaret Mary also has a Novus Ordo Latin Mass on Sundays and Holy Days.

I haven’t been to the Novus Ordo Latin Mass yet. Do you know if that mass will be the same modern mass with the priest facing the congregation, but in Latin?


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