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I am 16 and I plan on getting baptised soon. But my family is traditionally Protestant (church of Christ) but I have discovered that the Catholic Church is the one true church and will convert when I live on my own. I am worried that if I get baptised at my current church it will not be a trinitarian one, ie in the name of God or Jesus not the trinity. I don’t want to wait until I move out to be baptised by a priest. I guess my question is if I get baptised and it’s not trinitarian, but I want it to be, will it count and will I be saved. There has to be some rule about if you want to be baptised right but cannot get it. Any help would be good.


I saw a list once for Catholic valid baptisms (2009) and the Church of Christ and the United Church of Christ were shown as valid. To be valid requires both water, applied properly, and the Trinitarian words.


That’s good to hear, thanx


So, the Catholic Church teaches of a baptism of desire. Basically if you want to be baptized and you die enroute to be baptized or before you can be baptized, then the desire for baptism suffices.

So, you have that more or less going for you, speculatively of course, whether you are baptized incorrectly or even not at all. If you are baptized without the Trinitarian formula, then you will need to be rebaptized later.

Why don’t you talk to your pastor about it. Let him know it is important to you to be baptized in the name of the father, son and holy spirit. You don’t even need to tell him why, just show him Matt 25 when it instructs that way. Unless you are in a oneness pentecostal church, I am sure the pastor does not really care either way, because the “symbol” is present regardless of the words in his mind.

So talk it over with him.

Best of luck, and I hope we will see you in the pews soon!


I grew up in the Church of Christ and was baptized in that church. My baptism was valid. :slight_smile:


Your baptism will be valid.


If you believe that the Catholic Church is the one true Church, you should not be baptized in a protestant church at all. You should talk to a Catholic priest, become a catechumen with a plan to being baptized in the Church. If you are in some grave danger of death, tell the priest that. Otherwise, there is no rush. Baptism of desire covers catechumens. If you would happen to die before baptism, you would be saved.


I would disagree. Although what Paul says is true, ALL Trinitarian baptisms in water are catholic baptisms.

Since you are under your parents authority, If your only option is to be validly baptized outside the Catholic Church , then you should do it as Christ commands.

We confess one baptism


Before I converted I was baptized (dunked) in a church of Christ when I was 16. It was in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. So were all the other baptisms I witnessed in that sect.

Don’t worry


Have you tried talking to your parents about this? Would they not be reasonable? I think that at any age, no Church can force somebody to be baptised. Is waiting until you are 18 a possibility?

I hope things go well for you. God bless you.


I started towards the Catholic Church as a teen (years ago)…(now in my 40’s – wonderfully I can affirm your desire!)

However I think it is important to add:

Your recognizing that the Catholic Church is the Church Jesus founded -so it would seem that one would* not then go be baptized outside the Church* …but head rather towards baptism within the Catholic Church.

Your not wanting to become a Protestant Christian but a Catholic Christian.

Also note While baptism happened quickly in the very first years of the Church --later in the early Centuries after the initial years of the Church – those who wished to become Christians (be baptized) would be in a stage that could even last three years! Before being baptized.

Oh and as a youth - be sure to read the messages from world youth day with Pope Benedict XVI :slight_smile: Here are some…


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