Trinity and Mathematics?

So I’m confused. Is mathematics apart of creation? Then how could God be three in one? Does this imply that mathematics is fundamentally beyond our universe? Are substances really just real manifestations of some mathematical value? God fundamentally is three. This is his substance. Threeness. Yet it is a single substance. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God is three in one is a tautology. So does this mean that God is limited by mathematics?

As they say in your side of the Church
It’s a mystery


While mathematics are a part of the created order, or are at least a manmade tool to help describe the creation, God is separate from his creation, or outside of the creation. The creation is natural, God is supernatural. When it comes to God we just accept how he has revealed himself without feeling the need to explain what he has not revealed to us.


Math is created. God is not.

You’re Orthodox, so blow incense over it and call it a mystery.


I think God is beyond math as we know it on this earth. Perhaps we shall understand more in heaven & find it a mathematician’s delight!

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Mathematics is similar to language in that it’s just a way to communicate and conceptualize facts about the universe (both existing and imaginary). You might think about, for example, omnipotence and omniscience as qualities that describe God. God has always been describable by these words, but they did not always exist and only serve to comminicate the idea among people. Similarly, the trinity has always been three people, but the integer 3 (and the idea of numbers in general) is a created concept that can be used to accurately convey this information.

Even though mathematical properties themselves are not physical, they still reside within the created world. New proofs and concepts arise ultimately from axioms which are considered true simply by agreement with observation. If any math truly existed apart from the universe, it would be impossible to desribe without resorting to meta-qualifiers that do exist in the world.

The Holy Trinity is one essence with three persons of relation, never apart.

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Maths … including Infinity and Infinitesimals - though understood and utilized - are not part of The Physical Realm of Mass, Space-Time…

If you can understand what 4D is… 3D + Time … Then you’ll get a glimmer of Eternity if you’re able to.

The Spiritual Realm? Is a distinct Domain…

God the Father and Son - are Spiritual Beings…
very very similar like Father like Son in the fullest manner

They represent a perfect INTIMACY
fully interiorly connected via LOVE - aka God’s Holy Spirit

My attempt at Description falls far short of what’s Revealed to one’s Understanding
as found within the Sacred/Holy New Testament

Jump in and learn about each Person - and notice how the early Christians exhibited zero ???

Back in the mid-twentieth century Bertrand Russell, who was a mathematician by profession, ridiculed the Christian religion for asserting that 3 = 1. The Catholic Herald replied:

Mathematics is man-made, to describe a discrete, finite world. God is infinite therefore beyond mathematics.

(No offense to our orthodox brothers)

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No it means we are limited and can’t fully comprehend the Trinity. It’s a mystery revealed through revelation, and an absolute mystery because though revealed we can’t fully comprehend it. We can use metaphors and analogies such as three persons in one substance but these explanations are limited.


The Jew, the Muslim and the JW say that God is one Person.

What do 4 dimensions have to do with “Eternity”? Anyway, according to string theory there are at least 10 dimensions.

Patterns and symmetries exist in nature and are part of the physical realm. The Belousov-Shabotinski mechanism can generate patterns seen in plant phyllotaxis. Snowflakes have sixfold symmetry and more generally, crystals come in a variety of symmetrical patterns. Four edges of a soap foam film will meet at each vertex at an angle of about 109.5 degrees. A soccer ball composed of 12 pentagons will always satisfy the relation that the number of faces, plus the number of vertices equals the number of edges plus two. This relation (the Euler characteristic) would hold true, even if there were no humans around to check it. A crystal would have symmetry even if no one checked it. This indicates that math is a part of the physical realm.

So God had revealed that God is one! There is no any revelation about Trinity. Trinity is a doctrine which concluded by some interpretations but not sourced from revelation.

God is beyond everything. We will see in heaven that God is one. There is no three gods!

Classic over-thinking?

Best to keep it simple. The devil loves complication. That’s why he’s a philosopher.

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God had talked to people(by revelation) with people understanding and languages.

three persons of relation! That makes three. That doctrine is lack. Not important same essence but three persons. All people have same essences. There are billions of people!

We do not believe in mysteries. We believe in revelation.

Well I can easily point out what you believe, but I would quickly get banned for being uncharitable to a Muhammadian. So I will leave you with this.

John 1

14 The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth

Matthew 28

19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit

Have a nice night and repent before it’s too late.

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