Trinity Broadcast Network showing Scarlet and the Black tomorrow 7pm PST

I often watch EWTN TV, and when the movie channels have a good Christian themed movie on I tune in.

This week I’ve found myself watching a lot of the (“non-denominational”) Trinity Broadcasting Network’s full length movies uninterrupted by commercials.

Earlier this week they showed Franco Zefferelli’s masterpiece Jesus of Nazareth (initially aired in the 1980s as a miniseries) as a continuous 6-hour movie from 7pm to 1 am.

The next day (having left the TV tuned to the channel) I discovered they were to air the 1962 classic “Barrabas” starring Anthony Quinn. Today I watched “King of Kings” full length, another Christian classic.

I was delightfully surprised to see that tomorrow at 7 pm PST the station will be airing “The Scarlet and the Black” one of the finest Christian themed movies made by a major studio in the past 30 years. Starring past oscar winners Gregory Peck, Christopher Plummer and Sir John Gielgud as Pope Pius XII the story recounts the true story of Fr. Hugh O’Flaherty’s activities which saved hundreds (thousands?) of people from being sent to Nazi concentration camps from occupied Italy during World War Il.

While unquestioningly an inspirational Christian movie, the fact that it’s heroes are Catholic represent a nice ecumenical acknowledgement from a non-Catholic Christian ministry. While in the past movies on TBN did not show up except as “movie” per the info button on my remote … that is changing for the better. I’ll be alerting my family about the Scarlet and the Black – especially my niece who recently married her Jewish (but interested in Catholicism) husband. Many of those O’Flaherty led to freedom at the risk of his life were Jewish - another nice ecumenical story come to think of it.

Too seldom can one see an inspirational movie without:

enduring countless interruptions or

dealing with inconvenient broadcast times (e.g. beginning after midnight).

:tiphat: Thanks TBN! More of THIS!

Oh my goodness! As I was about to conclude, TBN announced that Saturday at 8pm PST the award winning “Going My Way” will be aired! Bing Crosby as Fr. O’Malley! Color me delighted! :dancing:

TBN probably doesn’t monitor these boards, so send them thanks, directly. We all should.

Great movie! :thumbsup:

You know, you’re right. I was posting emotionally as a general “thank you” by spreading the news here. But that is a point well taken.

Note: Occasionally I have seen some programs on that channel I have not agreed with too.
“Evangelist” John Hagee (on TBN occasionally) has made statements that demonstrate a
great misunderstanding of the Catholic Faith from time to time. So, along with my salute to TBN … caveat emptor*.

  • Let the buyer beware. (Although I did not really buy TBN … it came with my basic cable). :smiley:

1:30 PM PST Wednesday “Greatest Story Ever Told” (Jesus bio and Passion, 1965) is on! :thumbsup:

ONE long playing CD and you could begin a pretty good personal library of Christian movies this week! :eek:

Thanks for posting. We DVR “Veggie Tales” but I haven’t looked much at their programming. I will now. I think they own Smile of a Child network too.


:slight_smile: If you missed it … TBN airs the Scarlet and the Black again Friday from 1:30 - 4 pm.

At 7 pm Friday “One Night With the King” (the story of Biblical Esther) airs.

Nice holiday inspirational movies.

Turner Classic Movies has a nice selection of children’s/family movies on Thanksgiving Day as well. :popcorn:

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