Trinity defense


what do u say to jews and muslims who attack the trinity?


They attack the trinity because they do not know the power in it. Three in one. Our God who made us, his son who saved us and the holy spirit to guide us.


I would tend to think, as with all evangelization, that it depends on how firm they are in their own beliefs. A devout muslim or jew, are going to contend to the bitter end, there is only ONE GOD.

CHRISTians also hold to this tennent. I would remind them of that. There is only ONE GOD, to which this is the GOD of Abraham. Muslims and Jews will agree to this point, there is only ONE GOD and this is the GOD of Abraham, of Isaac, and of Jacob.

Now the Jews will understand that we are made in the image of GOD. To which you may convince them that the unity of the TRINITY is as the unity of the family, which is defined in Genesis. Man and woman being “one” of the flesh. If you get agreement on that, and that JESUS is of the line of David, fufilling all messianic prophecy, a Jew may come to believe in the resurrection of the body and be swayed to be CHRISTian.

I’ve tried to convince muslims that JESUS is GOD. It might be better to show them how Abraham in the Bible was asked to sacrifice his son, being a prefigurement of the sacrifice GOD would later make for us. And that for all the interpretations of who GOD is in all the religions, you get as many ideas of who exactly JESUS is. When we see that JESUS is GOD, then we understand who GOD is. Of course, they have the idea they know GOD, but of course we know it is an irrational notion, because there are many religions, and the jews were before muslims, and also call Abraham Father. I think muslims will be harder to convince, unless they are willing to look rationally at these ideas. Devout muslims probably won’t be swayed, as extremists, whom we see are irrational enough to commit acts of suicide/homicide and call it martyrdom. Moderate and rational muslims might listen to these arguements, but argue from the Bible and not from the Koran.

This is of course my point of view, i haven’t researched what apologists say on this.


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