Trinity doubts from non-practicing Catholic


I have a coworker (non practicing catholic) who told me he is having doubts about the trinity. Are there any recommendaitons in explaining this logicaly (historical docrtine and scriptural references) in hopes to bringing him into communion again? He has also mentioned he feels the Catholic Church is the true chruch but just doesn’t believe in all she teaches. I feel he has brought the trinity topic up to me in hopes I can somehow provide him with spiritual guidance back into the church. He is a cradle Catholic but doensn’t know alot about his faith and I belive he is fearing he might abandon it all together.



I would refer him to scripture, since the Trinity is defined there, but not described in that word. Jesus said that (when He ascended) he would not leave the Apostles “orphans”. By this, he meant that He would send the Holy Spirit to teach and accompany them. After the Resurrection, Christ breathed the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles. So far, you have two of the three. God the Father should not be a problem, I would certainly hope! One God in three natures. You can search any one of the on-line bible concordances for “holy spirit” references and record the chapters and verses, since he is probably not a big bible reader.

Bishop Fulton Sheen used a very interesting analogy to explain the Trinity: Water. It has three natures. First, of course is water in its natural state. Now, freeze it. It is hard and cold, but remains water in its chemistry. Now, heat it to a boil. The vapor produced is hot and seems to disappear into the air, but it is still water in its chemistry. Thus, you have three natures in one substance. Such is God.

You could demonstrate this by heating a glass of water in a microwave it until vapor appeared, then remove the glass and carefully place a couple of ice cubes into it. Then, you would have all three natures for him to see. Dunno, might help!


Does he read? Theology for Beginners - Frank Sheed
(don’t let the title fool you, its deep enough). *Theology and Sanity *- also by Sheed


The books the laster poster mentioned are very good. I would be wondering if he said he thought the Catholic Church was the true church, but was still having serious doubts on teaching. Remember someone can not disagree with one point of Catholic teaching. People always disagree with atleast two: the point they are referring to and the infalliability of church teaching on faith and morals.


I have come to realize that the Trinity can somewhat be compared to a family, which is a covenant term that is a thread throughout the bible. This is the perfect family that always acts in harmony with one another. Since we are made in the image and likeness of God, we in our own families reflect that relationship in a less perfect way. We can add the Blessed Virgin Mary into the picture as a motherly influence. Our relationship with the Almighty is both fatherly and motherly. We are His children when we come into His Church.

Your friend must come to realize that the Church set up by Christ is there as a family for him and as a guide for his salvation. The truths that have been revealed or what may be called doctrines and dogmas are only there because they direct us to what God wants us to be. Not believing in any of them is telling God He is wrong to want me to live a particular way.

Hope this helps, mdcpensive1


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