Trinity Foundation


I was speaking with a Lutheran Minister who told me he was once a Catholic Priest.
Being curious I wrote his name in Google search and found that in some way he is, or was associated with the Trinity Foundation. www.trinityfoundation. Does anyone know anything about the foundation?


Well, following the links on their website was very interesting :rolleyes: .

This seems to be another New Age, many paths, human fulfilment outfit, set up by a certain Dr. Norma Milanovich. The lady also runs an “Athena Leadership Centre”, and according to that site, they’ll teach and sell you things concerning Atlantis, Feng Shui, and link you back to the “Trinity” site to let you in on the “Temple of Light and Love.”

Seems to me this outfit has about as much to do with the Trinity as did the project leading to the explosion of the first atomic bomb, which also used the label for what it was up to.

Same old; same bad.




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