Trinity in logical demonstration


Father and Son

  1. There is one God who has a complete and perfect idea of himself otherwise He is ignorant of himself.
  2. God is real not imaginary, if God has a complete and perfect idea of himself it must include reality so that God’s complete and perfect idea of himself is in itself real, otherwise it would be incomplete and imperfect for omitting his reality.
  3. Therefore, in one God there are two realities, one reality is that of God and the other reality is that of His complete and perfect idea of himself.
    God who eternally generates his complete and perfect idea of himself is the Father since he is the origin.
    The complete and perfect idea of himself generated eternally from the mind of God since God always has idea of himself, is the Son.(jn 1:1)
    Both Father and Son are respectively real.

Holy Spirit.

  1. Love is to give all good.
  2. God is all good
  3. Therefore when God loves,God gives himself, he cannot give goodness less than himself, he must give all good who is himself, otherwise it is not love.
    .Since himself is God…hence God gives God.

God given by God in love is the Holy Spirit.

So, we have one God Father Son and the Holy Spirit.

Where am i not logical here? what number and why?


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