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During Jesus’ sojourn on Earth, did the father and the Holy Ghost share in any way the body of Jesus Christ or did he not share his experiance with them and was the sole occupant of that body?


The Second Person of the Trinity–the Son–was the only person of the Trinity who took on a human nature. A human nature includes a human body and soul. So yes, the Person of the Son was the only “occupant” of his body, just as you are the only “occupant” of your body.

The divine nature, of course, is one, not three. So in his divine nature, Jesus was always united with the Father and the Holy Spirit.


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One must remember that the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are one in being and substance, but only separate in distinction of person. When the Word became flesh, the Word took on the human form of the man Jesus the Messiah. But that Word was the Son of God as well. The Word was brought forth from the Father in eternity past. And so he was eternally begotten. This we understand from Justin Martyrs writings.

                       Yet, when Jesus was baptized of John the Baptist the Holy Spirit is said to come down upon Jesus and FILLED him and gave him power to go forth and preach the gospel. So within the man Jesus, was the Son of God and the Holy Spirit as well. Now what of the Father?

                       The person of the father was in heaven during the ministry of the Son of God on earth. We know this because when Jesus was baptized of John a voice came down from heaven and said, "this is my believed Son." Also while Jesus was on earth he prayed TO his Father. At our Lord's resurrection he told Mary that he was soon to ascend TO his Father. God the Father seems to reign solely in heaven, but pours out his Spirit on earth and whatever place he chooses. Hope this helps.

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