Trinity’s transgender wrestler credits teammates for his state title


Curious about peoples opinions on this story.

The student in question is biologically a girl who has been taking testosterone for a sex change operation. Texas “UIL” rules state that the student must compete as a girl. Certainly seems unfair, as female athletes who compete on the world stage are disqualified for taking testosterone. I would think she should have competed in the boy’s division.

Also brings up the fairness of “cross-over athletes”. I don’t see an issue when a biological female competes in the men’s division, but the subject is a bit trickier when a biological male competes in women’s events.


should have been disqualified, as taking testosterone in this case is like taking steroids…gave HER (a girl who is NOT A BOY…and you can’t change into a boy, no matter how many female organs you remove or how many male hormones you take) an unfair advantage.


I fully understand and support someone who is transgendered. I fully support their rights to exist as the sex they know they are. I have no problems with a transitioning person using a restroom. After all, they have enclosed cubicles, so who’d know? But as a liberal, left-wing, Atheist, pro-LGBT person, when it comes to things like showers where - how shall we say it? - “everything hangs out,” unless finalized surgery changes a winky into a wanky, or a wanky into a winky, absolutely not. As a male, I don’t want to see a wanky. That would be grossly offensive to me and most other males. I’m sure most females don’t want to see a winky in their shower or locker room. I’m totally sympathetic to transgender people and support them in the process to correct their situation. But until it’s ***totally ***corrected, I don’t want to have to see your “junk.” Neither should anyone else, whether male or female. The right for transgendered to use the potty and other sundry stuff is a right, but there are no rights that are absolute. I have the right to be in a fully men’s locker room and not see what’s offensive and disgusting to me. There is a right to privacy.


CulureCatholic, that has nothing to do with the link or the topic. Let’s not go off on a tangent now.


Um, how has it gone off topic? It’s about transgenderism. I was just stating my opinion as a pro-LGBT person. I don’t want to make comments regarding rights based upon what you just said.


No, it’s about cross over athletes competing in sports with an unfair advantage.


I think this may become a big problem, esp at the lower levels (middle school, high school).

I would not want my daughters bested by another girl who is taking testosterone, nor would I want my sons to wrestle a girl, even if she was using testosterone.


Not to mention vulgar. Post reported.


Well, then people are going to have to fess up to the reality of where all this really came from (most recently so-called gay ‘marriage’) or they can deny it, champion themselves as ‘civil rights’ leaders from behind a keyboard and when stuff like this occurs—take it square on the face.


She should really be crediting medical personnel for their wicked prescribing of testosterone to an adolescent girl.


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