TrinityFlowers MInistries


I came across a new Church called TrinityFlowers Ministries that states it is a blend of Bhuddist and Christian (predominantly Roman Catholic) theology. It looks more to me like that they have picked and chosen what they like out of Catholicism and rejected the rest of the teachings of the church in an effort to do their own thing. One of the founders is a Sister Janessa who states that she received her nun training with the Servants of the Sacred Cross, but is now with the Community of Solitude. The pastor, from what I read, has battled bi-polar issues in his life and it was this, and Sister Janessa’s battles with depression, that brought them together to found this Church. Sounds completely off the wall to me. So many strange and bizarre teachings out there, and so many “new” habited communities that are springing up. You don’t know who is real and who is make believe anymore. Doesn’t the Church have canons about who can and cannot wear the religious habit and pass themselves off as a religious? And if they do, why are they not enforced? It Is confusing to us in the laity.


The Church’s laws can only apply to those within the Church. It doesn’t sound like this organization is a legitimately organized society within the Church, and thus it is not beholden to the Church’s laws. Anyone can buy clerical or religious attire and put it on and pass themselves off as whatever they like, but unless they are Catholic or part of a Catholic group of some kind (which is constituted in accord with Canon Law) the Church can’t enforce such laws. You’d hardly expect Germany to try to make its laws apply to people in Italy, and just the same, the Church can’t enforce laws where they don’t apply.



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