Trio steals a shark from a San Antonio aquarium


Why would they steal a shark? :shark:.

I wonder how long can it survive out of water.


This is stranger than fiction. I’m glad that the shark was recovered, and I hope the poor thing survives.


They don’t expect it to survive. They apparently took a cleaning bucket that had had bleach in it.

They don’t look like teens from the video. They look like they are at least in their forties.

Weird and mean.


I am sick of animal cruelty.

Today I read 8 men were arrested in Indua for gang raping a pregnant goat. The goat died the next day.


Most recent report says she’s in good shape.


That’s good to hear.

What a strange thing to do.


I heard they had the shark back in the park.
I hope the 3 will still be charhed and the
shark will be okay.

Amazing they could do this in the middle of the day.


Here’s brand new found footage of the security guard stopping the three suspects. :wink:


:rofl::joy::sweat_smile: (ten 10)


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