Trip to Europe


I am excited about this trip.haha.
I plan to book a Fly Round-Trip.Good idea or not?
Find this plan…

Do you think this is good enough?


I’m not sure what you’re asking, but I would get the exact price. It says “$430 and up.” It’s the “and up” that has me worried. Sometimes that’s only out of a certain airport. It also depends on your dates. You can sometimes find those kind of deals if you’re traveling in the off season. I just returned from Germany and paid approximately $800 BUT I was traveling at peak season. In the spring they were offering rates about what you’ve found here.

Just be careful and make sure you look at all the restrictions – see a previous thread about costs to change your ticket – and specifics to the ticketing process.


It’s just a link to travelocity advertising that some flights (specifically, Boston to Dublin) are as low as $430. That’s really not that uncommon.

Just going to and search for your airport for any month. Just searching leaving New York during “any month”, Kayak lists a $388 r/t flight to Dublin in November, and a $430 r/t flight to Moscow in September. There are multiple months where you can get you to London for around $450, and once in London, you can usually catch an EasyJet or RyanAir flight to anywhere in Europe for less than $100.


Thanks for your suggestion, i will have a look at the price.


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