Trojan Condom Ad: Seriously, what is wrong with these people?!

I just saw what has to be the second most misleading advertisement I’ve ever seen. I say it’s the second most misleading adverstisement because - surprise! - the same company made the absolute most misleading adveristment I’ve ever seen.

Trojan condoms…well, you wouldn’t know it was a company that sold condoms from the online banner. Oh no, you would think it just had a free offer…or spyware, depending on whether or not you know most ads include spyware (and if you don’t know, now you do!). The banner included a yellow box of Trojan’s newest product, Ecstasy, front and center, seated on a table, with Trojan soldier heads behind it on some kind of wall, or something like that. But the box was not close enough for you to know what was in it, and it was just far enough away for you to think it included something cool, because hey, when you see the word “ecstasy”, you think it’s something good that will make you happy - and I’m sure the company knew this too! Next to the product was a banner that said FREE SAMPLE* Of course there was a disclaimer that said *While supplies last. And on the other side of the box was the brand name, and, under it, the magical phrase “Click here to learn more”.

There was NOTHING on the ad to indicate the product was a condom. And if you click on the banner, you get sent to - get this! - trojancondoms dot com. Yes, their website has the word “condoms” in it, but they didn’t feel the need to include the full brand name on the product. Gee, I wonder why? Trojan must be desperate for new customers to not tell people what their company manufacters and sells. Now, I had gone to the website so I could complain to them, but, much to my surprise, there is nothing on the site to tell you how to contact them. Sound suspecious? It should! Anytime a company dose not give you their contact information, you should immediately think twice of giving them your time or your money - they’re not going to listen to complaints, they just want you to give lots and lots of money, because they’re greedy and don’t care about your personal well-being. Ironically, I did find company info, in FAQ, near the bottom, and this is it, I’m not lying:

Church & Dwight Inc., Co.

No city, no zip code, no telephone number, nothing. Only adds to the supsecious, right? Well, let me tell you about the company’s most misleading commerical…

In the commerical, a man is in a grocery store, and he’s a dad. His kid wants to grab something off the shelf, but the dad won’t let him. So he starts screaming and crying. A lot. For almost a full minute. And the dad just looks at him like, “Why did I let you be born?” And that’s the whole point of the ad. Seriously. Children are evil monsters and you don’t deserve to be burdened by them! Here, let us help by giving you these condoms!

The commerical includes no information about the health risks of condoms, and I was really wondering how they managed to slip that by the FCC. Maybe they just didn’t catch it. Who knows. But the company has a duty to warn its customers of side effects of its products…or maybe Trojan didn’t get that memo. Wish I could give it them. But I can’t.

So, let’s pray for these people, that they stop working at Trojan and get better, healthier, and more wholesome lives. Not to say they aren’t healthy or wholesome people.

Hit the company’s main page for a surprise. They make everything from Brillo pads, to Kaboom, to Arm and Hammer cleaning products. They make a variety of things we all have in our homes.

I was going to try to avoid their products because of the Trojan issue, but I am not sure it is possible. Oh, well. We can at least pray for their conversion.

The word “ecstasy” and the big roman head behind it weren’t a tipoff that the ad was for Trojan condoms? Had you never heard of that brand name before? Because it’s about the most well-known condom brand name in the world.

Yes, I was aware, but those who don’t know about these condoms, wouldn’t be.

:rotfl: I promise, when you are a parent, you will understand why this is funny. My husband and I have joked, in the hearing of our five children, “WHY did we have kids again?!” when they are being particularly difficult.

They are a legit company, advertising a legal product that they have every right to make and sell. If you don’t want to be bothered, don’t click on their banner ads. Now that you know that centurion head is their symbol, you can avoid doing so.

It was not an American commercial so there couldn’t be any FCC involvement. I’d be willing to bet you saw it on youtube or something similar. The little boy is screaming in a foreign language.

Your describing one of the funniest, well known and succesful commercials ever made.

It is satire. It’s ok to laugh.

That advertisement is for Zazoo condoms, not Trojan. The advertisement never aired in the USA outside of those “banned and/or hilarious commercial” specials They’re a Belgian brand which lists their contact clearly on their website if you want to contact them: (the info is at the bottom right corner of the page, if you have trouble locating it).

Here is the link to contact the makers of Trojans I found it without difficulty by clicking on the thing that said Church & Dwight Inc., Co. (it’s a link - it should be underlined, but the “right here” implies you should click…but then I always assume the word “ecstasy” in an internet banner ad refers to sex or drugs…) It takes you to the page of their products. You scroll down to the bottom and click on the little “Contact Us” link (as with 99% of websites). I found it easier to navigate and get info about than Amazon. They have a telephone number and email form clearly listed.

I encourage you to write to both companies and tell them how you feel - just get your facts straight first so they can’t dismiss you as easily.

On the flipside, would it be better for the ad to show the word “condom” in big letters for everyone (young or old) to see? Lots of people see ads but don’t click on them. Showing the word “condom” would ensure that 100% of those that see the ad see the word, rather than the 2 or 3% that actually click on it. Perhaps Trojan was not allowed to be that “explicit” in their banner ad. :shrug:

I agree with you on the grocery store commercial. I have kids and I think I probably feel more offended at the punchline than I would if I did not have kids. But I guess that’s just me as others seem to find it funny.

Yes, it appears that this commercial is the one the OP is referring to:

The commercial was posted to YouTube two years ago, so I suppose Trojan had plenty of time to film their own version. But did they?

I’m not a parent yet, but I like to think that when I am I’ll never wish I used artificial birth control to prevent one of my children from being born, which is what seems to be the implication in the commercial. I find the joke from the commercial more offensive than anything else.

First of all you need to switch to Firefox browser and then d/l the Adblock extension. Poof! no more ads.

Trojan Condom Ad: Seriously, what is wrong with these people?!

Everything? :shrug:

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