Trojan Horse in the City of God

Has anyone read this book, by Dietrich von Hildebrand and if so would you recommend it. I heard it recommended the other day by Tim Staples, who I think is very good. He just didn’t say too much about it.

I enjoyed the book.

Impossible to get.


:shrug: What do you mean impossible to get. You didn’t understand it or you couldn’t get the book. I know I have read some of Alice von Hildebrand’s writing and she can be a little hard to understand (for me) at times.

No. I mean, It’s impossible to get! It costs over $70!


Awesome book, highly recommended.

I was able to get a copy from my local library. I had to return it, of course, but was able to read it. :smiley:

I would say to check out Loome and Amazon.

I purchased a good many from both (Alice and Dietrich von Hildebrand) and spent about 150 to 200 dollars. I have Trojan.

That’s where I went. It costs even more on there.


Is there a difference between ISBN 0-918477-60-3 and ISBN 0-918477-18-2? Same publisher, but the 1967 edition is 303 pages, and the 1999 edition is 272 pages. Didn’t know if that reflected a difference in content, or just different typesetting, etc.

Abebooks has it starting at $6 plus shipping, and Amazon has it at $13.29 plus shipping, and the 1999 edition starts at $20. Used books are everyone’s friend! (Unless you’re the author and miss out on the extra royalties. ;))

Another book for the to-be-read pile… Thanks for the recommendation!

Maybe luck played a part in buying some books “on the cheap.”

I want von Hildebrand’s book on purity.

I have been hoping that it will be re-translated soon by the Legacy Project.
I doubt it is high on the list of importance.

I can’t wait for the autobiography of the “Anti-Nazi years.”

Man, no offense, but I hate used books.
I like my stuff nice and new. Make it truly appreciated.


I like my books new, also. I will buy from Amazon’s used book list, though, and have never had any problem there.

Do you know why there are two editions and why the most recent one is more expensive?

Asking the wrong person. I don’t even know why it costs so much.


Yeah, me neither. :slight_smile:

Awesome book. Almost as prophetic as Humanae Vitae. Explains the way that many clergy and lay catholics in the aftermath of Vatican II attempted to exploit uncertainty over the content of the council as an opportunity to advance their own theories in the name of the council, even though in many cases, their positions can’t remotely be supported by council documents. He clearly explains where novel theologies and philosophies depart from legitimate catholicism and often even predicts the outcome of uncritical acceptance of these ideas.

I’ve got one that was printed within the last 15 years, so it’s not THAT far out of print. I think it was either Ignatius or Sophia Institute Press that did the reprint run. Check Amazon for used, they aren’t that much.

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