On the Internet, troll is a slang term used to describe:

  1. A person who makes posts (on newsgroups or other forums) that are solely intended to incite controversy or conflict, or cause annoyance or offense.
  2. A post that is intended to incite controversy or cause offense. (Many posts may inadvertently cause strife as collateral damage, but they are not trolls.)

To some, the term has negative connotations and is often applied as an insult, while simultaneously being claimed as a badge of honour by troll organizations or individuals. Sincere but controversial or naive posters are sometimes mis-labeled as trolls, but the term is generally considered to be correctly applied only to those looking to provoke outrage or discord.

A couple of thoughts…

Is there a little bit of a troll in all of us that breaks free sometimes? :o

And is there a collective noun for trolls ?

Note to Administrators - I put this in here given recent references re Non - Catholic ‘Trolls’ in this forum. Please move if you see fit.

The Troller - see also the grenade.

No. I’d never dream of acting in such an immature manner.

[quote=mean_owen]No. I’d never dream of acting in such an immature manner.

Well, in that case…this calls for the dread…


(sung to the tune of “Sailing, Sailing”):

Trolling, trolling,
Over the Catholic boards!
Though free from Rome,
We froth and foam
At clueless Papist hordes–


Trolling, trolling,
Never let up a smidgen!
We’d rather bait
The Church we hate
Than practice our own religion!

(In the immortal words of Psmith in Leave It to Psmith: “Don’t pinch it; it’s copyright.”)

Nobody expects the dreaded Troll Ditty!!! :eek:

Thanks to both Fr Ambrose and Grzesz: I’ve got to post these in the Politics forum as we have an extensive thread going on there on the subject.

We all needed a laugh and I applaud you both.

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