Trouble in Venice


Venice is thinking of banning noisy suitcases on wheels over complaints they keep locals up at night


Good idea. My experience has been that many American tourists are noisy and have little regard for respectful conduct.


i had no idea we had an exclusive on suitcase wheels. ingenious lot aren’t we? maybe they should pave the streets of venice.:wink:


Good point. The Euro tourists all have those exact same suitcases too. Besides the Italians are not exactly a quiet lot themselves. I don’t think I’ve slept through a night solid in Rome for music, people screaming, laughing, cars, banging doors. Maybe it’s just my budget. And in Venice they are much more sedate than in Rome, no doubt about it. Lot of Germans go there - it’s probably more their fault.


The splashing gets really annoying.


My daughter just got back from Venice. She said it seemed like 80% of the people walking around were tourists - that the city was more like a theme park than a living city. With that kind of ratio, no wonder that the luggage noises get to the residents.


The trick is to go in the off season.


I saw the best Fellini movie the other night on TV just by chance (my first time watching it - kind of “La Strada-esque”): Le notti di Cabiria (Nights of Cabiria) 1957.

Takes place in Rome, so I am a little off topic here, but very enjoyable.



That’s not too far off. The number of residents in Venice has dropped dramatically over our life times.


that’s because you need lifeguard certification to live there.


I would think that rising sea levels threatening to drown the whole city was a bigger threat. I would hate to be flooded out in a noisy city.


Could this possibly be a way to squeeze a few more dollars out of tourists? I’m assuming that without wheels on the luggage, there would be more need for porters or cart rentals, no? :wink:


Waterproof floaties for suitcases - tie them together with a rope and pull them along the canals until you get to your destination - that should fix it!

Q. What’s beige and yellow and lies on the bottom of a canal?

A: A suitcase with slashed floaties.


There are few serene places in La Serenissima with all the tourists (like the Kaninchens, of course, but we stay in places like Padua and Treviso on our trips to Venice). Unfortunately for “i veneziani” rich outsiders have bought up so much property that they’re stuck with Mestre and Marghera which are, fortunately, unlovely enough to escape such predation.

I really do wonder why people choose to stay in Venice rather than in one of the nearby Veneto cities which are very attractive themselves as well as easy in terms of tourist ‘commuting’ and much more reasonable in terms of cost and, dare I say, quality.


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