Trouble: New Poll Shows Large Uptick In Bernie Sanders Voters Not Voting for Joe Biden

Tom Del Beccaro: The real reason Biden wants his papers kept under wraps in Delaware

By Tom Del Beccaro

[Joe Biden( has never been a good presidential candidate. With his peLrsonal problems mounting, the plain truth remains that Joe Biden is not able to unify the Democrat Party. The disclosure of his Senate papers housed at the University of Delaware could well be the final straw in breaking his candidacy and Biden knows it.

Last April, Biden was the presumptive nominee of the Democrats – or so the left-of-center media told us. Once again, Biden looked like a good candidate before he got into the race. As I said in my April 1, 2019, column, Biden “is a good potential candidate but a bad actual candidate.”

Twice before Biden ran for president and both times he failed badly, despite media claims he was an ideal candidate. This third time hasn’t been the charm either.


Biden dropped from the top perch as soon as he started campaigning in 2019. . .

. . . . To save themselves from a socialist defeat in November, the Democrats “brokered” their nomination in broad daylight leading up to Super Tuesday. Former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., were induced to drop out of the race so fourth-place Biden could win primaries over Sanders. . . .

. . . All of which brings us to Delaware. In a recent interview in which he denied sexual assault allegations made by his former Senate staffer Tara Reade, Biden made this extraordinary comment:

The reason Biden wants his records kept under wraps is that he knows they will prevent him from unifying Democrats. His positions will further divide his party and divided parties cannot win national elections.

“There’s a lot of things — of speeches I’ve made, positions I’ve taken, interviews that I did overseas with people — all of those things related to my job. And the idea that they would all be made public … while I was running for public office, they can be really taken out of context … For example, when I go, when I met with Putin or when I met with whomever.”

That is a mind-boggling position for a candidate for the highest office in the land to take. Biden literally is saying that he does not want Americans to know the positions he has taken prior to voting for him.

Better yet, despite D.C. Democrats impeaching President Trump – with Joe Biden’s support – over what he said to a foreign leader, Biden tells us that what he said to foreign leaders is off-limits.

The reason for all that is the plain truth encapsulated in this headline from the liberal LA Times in March 2019: “The burden of a 40-year career: Some of Joe Biden’s record doesn’t age well.” . . .

Biden’s positions are absolutely valid.
Here is another thing he doesn’t want published: a theoretical recording of his lovemaking with his wife. Nobody would survive it. There are things that must be kept private, and 40 years of political negotiation is one.
We have many examples of why.
Executive privilege is an obvious one.

We all know the game.
Sort through the documents. Find a morsel that can be spun wickedly. Send it out into the echo chamber.

After the Wiki leaks in 2016 there are people who claimed that HRC raised an effort to infiltrate and undermine the Catholic Church. The evidence behind the charge was absolutely nil. But it was repeated and repeated, even here. Biden would be foolish to offer such opportunities. Of course that won’t stop the shouted whispering campaign.

Trump wasn’t impeached for seeking the Ukraine president to actually investigate Biden’s son.
He was impeached trying to get the Ukraine president to go on TV and say he was investigating.
The inference something might be wrong is manufactured into a certainty( like the sun rising in the east) on the Hannity shows. Before you know it, fans of the show are ready to take and pass a lie detector test claiming Biden’s son did x, y and z.

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