trouble praying

Seems when I am contimplating God I have a great deal to say (to myself). But when I make an attempt at prayer I freeze. I worry about saying something wrong or offensive, much like one might worry at a meeting amongs thier superiors. Often I will correct myself when I feel I have mis-spoke. Other times I get hung up on just which of the God head I should be praying to, the Father, the Son or the Holy Ghost…Or Mary.

I find I just clam up :frowning:

any suggestions?

When you speak to your father - do you clam up? When your child speaks to you, does he clam up? You are speaking to God - - your Father, who loves you and knows exactly where you are. There really is no right way or wrong way to speak to God who loves you beyond imagination. :slight_smile: Take a deep breath - remember HE wants to HEAR you…to LISTEN to your deepest concerns and He is not too concerned about the way you think you come across to Him because He knows you are trying your best.

When a child comes up to you and speaks to you - are you more concerned about their grammar, or are you just thrilled that they are speaking with you? I would imagine that it is the latter and I kind of think that is how God views our prayers to Him…after all we are all His children.

I hope that helps…I usually pray to God the Father, but there are times when I cry out to the Holy Spirit or to Jesus for help.

God Bless

God knows our heart anyway, He’s just waiting to spend time with you, so don’t worry about how you say something or which of the Holy Trinity you should pray to – how about all three? It’s just having a conversation with your family!

Often when I pray, I ask Mary to pray with me and for me, and I begin by speaking with my Heavenly Father, then with my Savior Jesus, and then with the Holy Spirit, asking for continued guidance and whatever graces and gifts I need. Or just begin by praying “Dear Blessed Trinity…”

I sometimes also ask for my guardian angel to be at my side to keep me from distractions and temptation and pray to St. Michael the Archangel to defend me in spiritual battle from the enemy.

You also might want to try the four main areas of prayer –
Praise (You are such a loving and forgiving God!)
Thanksgiving (Thank you for all the gifts you have given me – my family, etc.)
Reparation (I’m sorry, Lord, for the times I’ve failed you…)
Petition (Please help my mom who is in the hospital…)

But sometimes we make it more complicated than it needs to be…

I remember reading a beautiful story about an older man who had difficulty praying, and the priest told him to put a chair in front of him and imagine Jesus sitting there, then just talk to him. This was difficult at first, but the man really came to love this form of prayer. As he was older and in the hospital he realized he would never go home, and his priest friend would visit him often. One day when the priest arrived, the door was closed and his daughter was standing outside quietly crying. The priest comforted the daughter and then she said “I was only gone a few minutes to get something to eat, and while I was gone he died alone. I feel so bad. And the strange thing is, when I came back my father had leaned way out of his bed and his head was on the chair next to his bed.” The priest smiled and said, “Oh, your father didn’t die alone. Let me tell you a story…”

Good Evening Church

At one time, because of events in my childhood, I had a very hard time having a relationship with God the Father. I almost couldn’t pray to Him. My own dad was killed when I was 4 and I had an abusive step dad. I wanted a father but I was terrified.

One of my closest friends is a Priest. He gave me such wonderful advise and it worked wonders.

Jesus told us when we pray, we say “Abba” which means daddy. He said to picture my self climbing up into God the Fathers lap, give him a big hug and say, “Daddy, I love you”.
I almost cry thinking about it. I did that and all of a sudden, I was crying and pouring my heart out to my Heavenly Daddy. I could actually feel HIM hugging me and holding me so tight.
Now, very often, I will climb up into His lap and just hug Him. He does hug you back, even when you can’t feel it. All my fear finally went away.

[quote=Mijoy2]Seems when I am contimplating God I have a great deal to say (to myself).

I think we have an interior voice, and we carry on conversations with ourselves. Over time, our conversation includes God and then becomes one with him. This takes time. If you are trying to pray, this is good. Try not to get caught up in thinking that we aren’t praying right or that we should be more spiritually advanced than we are. It is okay to be where you are. And even if you feel you are talking just to yourself do remember that God is hearing every word and is right there beside you through the whole conversation.

If you feel the need to correct what you have said, do so, but without worry. God is your father and loves you. If you worry about who you are praying to, maybe establish a routine for awhile. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you pray, then make the sign of the cross (the Trinity), and begin with Dear Father I did such and such today and here is what I want to talk about…etc. End the prayer with the sign of the cross too.

There have been some great answers already provided to your question!

I really do try and just talk to God just as though he is with me and always attentive to my every thought or spoken word. this is really dilemma when I have a faux pas and speak irreverently or have a bad thought. so I can relate to where you are. Just keep in mind that our Lord is very forgiving and he listens to our heart, as previously pointed out, and he knows exactly what we need and when we need it before we do.

Remember to give him thanks for each and every little gift and he will talk right to your heart as well.

God Bless.


This might help…

If your Church is open through out the day and night… go there. Nothing better than the solitude and silence of a church, cemetary, take a walk, get away, find a closet if need be… but pray… :thumbsup:

You have taken the words right out of my mouth, or should I say prayers? I have experienced those exact things. Sometimes I am able to overcome it, and sometimes I become very bothered and end up dwelling on my imability to pray, or pray well. But, fortunately, the Holy Spirit prays for us better than we ever could.


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