Trouble with confirmation saints


Hey everyone,

Well I’m confirming next year (whooo) and I’m debating over a saint name.

I love St. Joan of Arc, she inspires me to be strong and brave, and I’ve loved her since I was a little girl. She was the original one that I picked out. I do love her and I wear her medal to show my devotion to her.


I’m feeling a connection with St. Faustina. She was a writer, which I am too, and I really want to influence people and bring them to God with my writing like she did. I also admire her faith and devotion. I really would like to live my life for God like she did. I also have a special devotion to the Divine Mercy.

I don’t know who to pick. I’ve prayed to God to ask for guidance, and Faustina came into my mind. But I don’t want to forget Joan either. They won’t let me pick 2 names.

Can someone help me pick my name?



I do not want to pick one for you but reading your post it sounds like you would rather Saint Faustina. I do not think Saint Joan will be offended.:slight_smile:



It’s great that you’re getting Confirmed next year, congraduations! Choose whichever saint you think has made the biggest impact on you. For me, that was Saint Jude (hence my screen-name), I know he was always praying for me, and that I wouldn’t be where I am today without his prayers. But I also admire St. Dominic Savio, and so he is another one of my patrons, but it’s just in my heart. And don’t close the door yet, maybe God will reveal your patron to you just as you are coming up on your Confirmation, (this happened to me, St. Jude “showed up” about a month before I came into the Church). God will be with you as you make this choice, don’t worry!


Sounds like Faustina has picked YOU!


St. Faustina and St. Joan of Arc were in my top 3 choices (St. Francis of Assisi was #2, but I also picked him - they let us have two in RCIA). I had a similar experience when I was praying which saints to pick. St. Faustina came to mind, as well as St. Francis. The funny thing is, I found this little “Made In…” label, but I have no idea where it came from. It said “Poland” (I’m part Polish myself, and also have a great-great(-great?) aunt who was a Polish nun). St. Faustina won out. :slight_smile: Of course, St. Francis wanted in, too, so I put him 2nd. And, add to the fact that later, I had remembered that the first two saint cards (one wasn’t a saint yet at the time) that my Catholic great aunt had given me long, long ago were St. Francis and (then - the card was made in the 70s) Sister Faustina.


You already have St. Joan of Arc’s name in your first name (assuming that your user name reflects your real name). Joan of Arc was French, and Joan is just the Anglicized version of her real French name, Jeanne, pronounced “ZHAHN.”

So why not add Faustina, and you will have two excellent patron saints? You can’t go wrong with either one of them, and both is even better!

By the way, if you haven’t read it yet, read Mark Twain’s fictionalized biography of Joan of Arc. I think it is entitled Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc. It was his favorite of his own writings. It is told from the perspective of Joan’s imaginary squire.


My real name is Katie

But I’m really leaning twords Faustina. When we started confirmation, my pastor said that you should pick a saint who’s life you want to immitate. The reason I like Joan is because she’s corageous and brave, which is great, but I really feel a connection with Faustina. She’s kind of like me. We had these Sisters come and talk to us about the Divine Mercy, and she really sounded like me, because she’s fiesty and strong willed and she wrote to help people get back to Jesus which is what I want to do. Jeanne d’ Arc will still hold a special place in my heart, like St. Therese and St. Lucy do, but I really would like to choose Faustina. I even have a third-class relic scapular that was touched to her bone.

I think what I will do is finish reading her diary and pray the Chaplet for guidance.

-Jeanne (or Faustina)


I agree with the others. I think you should go with St. Faustina, as well. St. Joan will not be offended or hurt. Please keep in mind, that you do not have to give up your devotion to St. Joan of Arc, if you choose “Faustina” as your Confirmation Name. :thumbsup: St. Joan knows your devotion to her, as a friend and intercessor.

God bless you!

(btw: my mother chose St. Joan of Arc as her Confirmation Saint way back in 1936).


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