Trouble with the love of my life

i just made an account here because im sad and depressed. the story goes like this. ive been in a relationship for over a year now with the most amazing girl ever. 10 months ago her dad was in the hospital and she kept praying that he would get better. she said if her dad got better she promised God that she would leave the love of her life as a sacrifice. i know nothing about what is going on because she just told me this a couple of days ago. her dad got better and on the next day she ends it with me. we both took it bad. i cried alot and so did she. a day or two later she comes back and were together again and i feel like the luckiest guy alive. we argue and stuff since then but no relationship is perfect. i changed so much to become a better person just to keep her in my life forever. i love her and want to marry her. now a couple of days ago she admitted all these things to me because i had no idea about her dad. and she said she has been having dreams about it and she thinks God wants her to sacrifice the love of her life in return for her dad getting better. we barely have been talking and when we do she says how much she loves and misses me. Im crazy about her. im confident shes perfect for me and i know i want to spend the rest of my life with her. but she doesnt know what to do. this is so hard for me and its probably even harder for her. i told her God wants us to be happy and i want to make you happy. please give me some advice and thank you very much for reading.

Jesus Christ offered the perfect sacrifice on Calvary for you and your girlfriend. He needs nothing more.

If you feel drawn to marriage, this is Jesus Christ giving you and her a vocation to married life. Jesus cannot contradict himself; he allowed her father to heal, and her promise to forsake love was not necessary.

Marry, and in live in peace with the blessings of our Lord and his most holy church.

I never make wages with God. That’s not how He works. I agree with runningdude, you have Jesus, you need nothing more than that.

I would continue to pray for her well-being, and her father’s well-being. I think if she knows that you only want her to be happy, her family to be okay, she’ll have some reason.

I don’t believe that there is really anything you personally can do for her. You are too close - too involved to be objective.

This is a matter that she needs to work out with a good spiritual director…

The best (and only) thing that you can do now is to tell her to take this matter to her confessor/priest.
She needs to go over everything with him and spend time in prayer and discernment.

Her happiness and yours is at stake. She has to get this sorted out and get it right.

Beyond this I can give no other advice…


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