Troubled about Confession!

Dear Friends,

A few weeks ago, I went to confession. Without going into detail here, one of my sins was that I’d received the Eucharist whilst in an unworthy state. The Priest proceeded to ask me if I had said an act of Contrition before receiving, and I answered that I had. He went on to say that since I had done so, and later gotten to confession soon afterwards, it wasn’t a sin.

The problem lies in my answer; yes, I made an act of Contrition beforehand. I hadn’t.

Now I didn’t tell the priest that I had made the act of Contrition on purpose, with the intent to distort the truth, because I know that would immediately make a bad confession!

It was a spur of the moment thing; I only realised once I’d left the confessional that I had given the wrong answer!

I worried all day, and have been to confession a few times since, yet always forget to bring this issue up. This is because at the time, I consoled myself, reasoning that:

I did my best to make an honest confession,

It was an honest mistake (it really was!), I didnt withold the correct answer on purpose.

So in my heart, I feel my confession was valid. After all, my answer only affected the Priest’s advice, I still confessed the sin, was truly sorry for it in my heart, and was given absolution.

Since it was a genuine mistake, am I alright? It’s come back to my mind now and I’m worried that over the past few weeks I’ve been recieving unworthily because of this one single event which was like a month ago! Yes, sometimes my scruples get the best of me.


Discuss it with the priest next time you go to confession is the best thing to do, write it down if you need to so you don’t forget. Don’t reason yourself out of mentioning it, you can reason away all your sins like that if you put you mind to it, tell the priest and put your mind at rest.

If you genuinely forget to confess a sin and later remember it you should confess it at your next confession is the general rule but the absolution is still usually valid.

You were forgiven, but you should confess this at your next confession. I’m not sure what you meant, but not having said an act of contrition would not invalidate your confession.

  1. First, an Act of Contrition is not sufficient to receive Communion if you have committed a mortal sin.

[quote=Baltimore Catechism] 405. May we receiev Holy Communion after committing a mortal sin, if we merely make an act of contrition?

We may not receive Holy Communion after committing a mortal sin, if we merely make an act of perfect contrition; one who has sinned grievously must go to confession before receiving Holy Communion

  1. Secondly, if it was an honest mistake then it was an honest mistake. What more could you have done? I wouldn’t worry about it.

  2. For scruples, a wise priest once gave me this advice- the instant you start mentally debating with yourself just drop it, you haven’t committed a mortal sin, go in peace, etc. I too struggle with scruples, so I know what it’s like; but if you even have a grain of doubt whether something was sinful, it wasn’t. That you made this post shows you have agrain of doubt, so it wasn’t a sin.

God bless!

Thanks for your detailed response! Yes, I know that just making a perfect act of contrition isn’t sufficient, so his advice wasn’t very good anyway! He commented something like “if you made an act of contrition, it suffices and I see no sin”! I thought, here’s me confessing it because I KNOW its a mortal sin and I have to confess it, and he’s telling me the opposite!

And yes, I try to do away with being scrupulous, I’m actually very bad with it!


Just takes practice :). I’d advise seeking out a new confessor though.

Your church is beautiful btw

Hi Matt, Just wanted to say: Your Church is indeed BEAUTIFUL!:thumbsup: And even registered for the newsletter & loved the beautiful video and hymn.

Why thanks! Thats why i shared the link, to give everyone a glimpse of St. Mary’s! Oh and Like, I will send you a PM about the bulletin. The Video is great too, isnt it?

God Bless,

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