Troubled dreams


I was wondering, if you have dreams of being possessed or encounter some sort of devil possession in your dreams does that mean there’s something wrong with you? Do you think, it something to bother a priest about?


Get a priest over to your house and bless it. And have him do an exorcism (not on you but in your room where you sleep).

Better to be safe than sorry :wink:


What do you do if your family is against the priest doing a blessing and the priest thinks the idea of exorcisms, etc. is silly? Also, what if members of your family have books and tapes on things that might be of demonic related matters, such as books on Hinduism, Buddhism and whoever knows what else and absolutely refuse to get rid of them? So you fear that even if any evil spirits leave, they may only return? :o :confused: :shrug:


Well, that depends. If you live with your family and are underage, than you must tell the priest they might be against the blessing and exorcism. If you are not underage, than just have the priest bless your room and do the exorcism there. If you can’t get the blessing or the exorcism, than pray very much and trust in God.

And remember, God dose not permit possessions or obessesions unless it benefits the soul - though demons don’t know this (or at least they don’t acknowledge it). Some saints had to undergo demonic possessions, for many reasons, such as aiding the person to hate sin and evil, confirming the existence of demons to certain people, and the devils admitting certain truths (though unwillingly they admit it, hating the truth as they do). So trust in God and pray.


I just don’t get it why I’m having these dreams, as I’ve never felt closer to God than now. I have more Godly things in my room than any room in the house. I’m planning on asking a priest when I go on my retreat, I just didn’t want them to think I was being silly worrying over a dream. I bought this house newly built and been in it for five years, and I haven’t experienced anything “demonic”, the dreams are fairly recent like within 6 months and about 3 times.

Anyway, I’m not that worry as my faith in the Lord will keep me safe. I just want to know why I’m getting these dreams. I’ll go to sleep now.


Pray and trust in God, and seek a priest out for blessing and exorcism if you can.

A friend of mine also had frightening demonic dreams, and she got a priest to bless the house, than perform an exorcism in her room. As the priest was performing the exorcism, Satan kept trying to disturb her and the priest by constantly ringing the door bells. Then after the exorcism was done, the priest and friend went to the front door to see who kept ringing the bell (not knowing who it was) and they saw a man leaving, they exchanged a glance, and the man had vanished into thin air. The priest then confirmed it was Satan.

But I didn’t want to tell you that because I didn’t want to frighten you.


What about the people who die during exorcisms?

What if you call the priest who offers to do an exorcism for you and he never responds to the call and you no longer have his number but your local priest does not really believe in exorcism stuff and thinks you are being stupid/imagining things/crazy by mentioning it?


I have never heard of anyone dying during an exorcism. But I have heard that, at times, Satan tries to trick priests by making the victim appear dead, or near death, so as to stop their efforts at saving the soul. And I have never heard of a possessed soul being rejected by God’s Mercy, but I know God’s Mercy excludes no one and the same power He gives to priest to exorcise, He can use on souls whom have not been cured in this life, for it is the divine power. Nor have I heard of a possessed victim not being exorcised at some time, but I know that some souls give their bodies and souls over to the devil and reject God, accepting Hell.


Here’s an exorcism death: :eek:


Would help to know more about the dream. More details please.


You may be having some trouble or just dreaming. Get your house and room blessed, sprinkle holy water around your room before going to bed and use sacramentals just in case. I would not worry too much. Demons are like vicious dogs that bark at us but they cannot get close enough to bite us. Just be on the safe side as said.


That’s an invalid exorcism (I say invalid because I don’t know the technical term). I’m talking about valid exorcisms (again, I don’t know the technical term).


Tee, any prayers you want us to say for you? Anything in specific?


Tee, I wouldn’t read too much into the dreams. There are a couple prayers below that I’ve known to be effective against nightmares.

By the way, demons often do mess with people who are growing closer to God in an attempt to discourage them from persevering. We can get on Satan’s radar by growing in holiness. Just remember Romans 8:28 - all things work for the good of those who love God.

Bedtime Protection Prayer

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, strengthened by the intercession of the Immaculate Virgin Mary, Mother of God, of Blessed Michael the Archangel, of the Blessed Apostles Peter and Paul, and all the Saints and Angels of Heaven, and powerful in the holy authority of the name His Name, I subject my mind and my dreams only to the work of the Holy Spirit. I ask you Lord to bind up all powers of darkness and forbid them to work in my dreams or any part of my subconscious while I sleep. Amen.

Liturgy of the Hours Night Prayer

A more powerful bedtime prayer is found in the official prayer of the Church, the Night Prayers of the Liturgy of the Hours. When praying the Liturgy of the Hours one is not just praying by themselves or with their families, but praying with the entire Church – the Church in heaven, in purgatory, and on earth. To pray to appropriate Night Office go to the ebreviary website Night Prayer page.

Source: Spiritual Warfare Prayer Catalog


Here’s an exorcism death:

There’s no such thing in the Orthodox Church as a “trainee nun” or “principal monk.” After decades in Orthodoxy, I ought to know.

Next, while rites for exorcism do exist in Orthodoxy, NOWHERE in it are “recrucifixions” (for lack of a better word).

Maybe some of these things happened as described here, but they had NOTHING to do with official Orthodoxy, its faith, monastic life, or liturgical rites.

BTW– is NOT a trustworthy site, as it seems to be run by sedevacantists.


((((tee))))…you are surrounded by angels-ask them to intervene and say a prayer of protection before going to sleep visualize yourself surrounded in God’s Love and Light-feel it- and say out loud that you only accept what comes through God’s Love…and then trust you are in good hands…anything that isn’t of God will have to leave- above all- no fear.-that’s what they feed on… call on St Michael and Jesus to intervene if necessary while dreaming…hope this helps-May God bring you sweet dreams …God Bless

It is normal to be “attacked” in some manner when you are close to God…often though dreams aren’t what they seem-it’s not unusual for messages to come in 'impact" dreams so you remember details…so if you want to detail one here- I or someone else may be able to help you with it…((hugs))God Bless…at least at that point you will know if it is necessary to alert your priest


Troubled dreams for me usually mean I’m worrying a lot or stressing out about something a lot during the day. Like something that your really afraid of happening. Is there something that’s bothering you a lot in your life right now?


I agree with Becky on this. Sometimes we have disturbing dreams and prayer is a good remedy…Peace and good nights to you Tee.


thanks for everyone inputs, although it’s a little scary to think that i need exorcism. I feel fine, and not in any particular stress. The only thing I could think of that I experience and could resonate into dreams would be me doing lot of readings on saints and church teachings.

Anyway, for the curious souls who want details of my dreams. I only had 3 dreams. 2 dreams were the same, and what happened was that I felt like I was possessed and can not move my limbs and that something is choking and pushing me down. And I was praying the our father and hail mary to try to get rid of it, but I felt like it was getting angrier and choked me harder so I couldn’t even make any sound or pray. So I just do like a mental sign of the cross and invoking God to rid of the spirit repeatedly until it finally subside and I woke up. To be honest, at the time it felt real.

The last dream, was different and I didn’t remember much. It was I think either someone else was possessed or something was possessed. And I was trying to drive the evil spirit out. I remember placing the possessed thing on the alter thinking it’ll make it easier to chase the spirit out, but then I came to realize that the spirit was too great and was causing a lot of demonic rumbling and so I need to call in the professional (the exorcist). That’s when I woke up.


(((tee))))- the first two experiences sound like a very real sleep disturbance-research"old hag" syndrome–it’s treatable and more common with “night terrors” than most people realize…the last one appears to be about control in your life… an "impact"visual reminder of the importance of prayer-(the Serenity Prayer comes to mind) when things seem too overwhelming in your life…hope this helps ((honey))) God Bless

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