troubled marriage


Hi there, someone, I am so so angry at my husband. Could someone talk to me?


Hi, are you still there? I can listen.


Husband checking in here, Yell at me not at him.


Hi Soledad…I advise you to speak to God…Ask Him to assist you in your anger…ask Him to work things out between you and your husband. I will pray that things smooth over and that you will soon put this episode into your memory books…not to be pulled out again.

Blessed Mary, Ever Virgin - pray for us
St. Joseph - pray for us

God Bless you both … remember God loves your husband more than you do and through Him all things are possible. Praying for you -


I used to yell at my husband when I was mad at him. I have found that I yelled at him in order to cover up knowing I was wrong. Now when I find myself yelling at anyone be it my husband or anybody, I go as quickly to my room or a room where I can be alone and pray to God to ask Him to show me where I am wrong and how to fix this situation. The hard part is admitting I am the one who is wrong and that I can only change my self no one else. It also helps to get the point across whith a calm voice than with a loud voice. The one quote I remember from a comercial is:"If you want to get his attention; whisper."Good luck; I hope this helps


If you still need to talk, you can pm me if you don’t want to do it publicly.

Hope things are better today.


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