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Ok so I’m from California. I was raised very prude so I don’t watch adult videos or do anything most other teens do. I’m very asexual and I have had a crush on one very attractive young adult but some attractive chick who’s a lot older than me has got me thinking if I might be gay because I met her online and she has a huge crush on me and I love talking to her and I picture myself growing old with her, something I have never done with a guy. Is that ok according to God? Since I don’t plan on having any sexual activity. Or should I just go for the guy?


I think you need to get out more and meet more people


Yes. Get out and interact with people in real life.
Your online “crush” could be catfishing you.
Socialize with people your own age.
Lots of time to discern what you will do with the rest of your life.
I think you are limiting your options, and thinking what would be “easy”. Things worth pursuing take time.
The Church doesn’t condemn people with SSA. But you do realize that you may not act upon it sexually.
Is that what you really want? You don’t’ have t answer, but you should take tat into consideration.
That, and speak with your local priest. They advise people all the time.
He will be kind and listen.


but I really like her :mad:


You like the idea of her and what she has presented to you as herself online. But, for all you know, she could be lying. BTW, which site did you meet and chat with her on? Some of us might have some insights into the character and trustworthiness of some sites. But, in general, be careful.

Also, I am 19 and I once fell in love with a guy two years older on this site. At the beginning of our friendship, he made me feel special like no one ever has. But, it passed and now I’m glad he is out of my life after all the heartache he caused me. Since this is online and not in person, there are a lot of gaps that are left for our imagination to fill so, even if the person is not lying to you, what you are in love with is likely an idealized version of what that person actually is. And, in general, getting into a relationship with a much older person is a bad idea, especially if you are a teenager. The experience gap is really high and that person has a lot of power to manipulate you.


Liking is not love.

Pray for wisdom.

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