I have tried for the last 3 sundays to go to Mass. I can’t get myself to go. I think that it is boring(and I genuinely don’t mean any disrespect). I haven’t done my sacraments yet, and do not feel that it’s worth it for me to go. Until I get them. I feel so alienated, yet I am told that it is the one true church, there is no salvation outside of it. I hear that I am not going there for myself, but for Him. I understand all that, but if I am not spiritually growing, what is the point? Wouldn’t it be hypocritical to go if I don’t want to be there? Has anybody ever been stuck in this type of rut? There is no devout Catholics in my life. I feel so utterly alone. When I go to church I still feel utterly alone. My mind constantly tells me that I am going to Hell if I don’t believe in the Church’s teachings. I am married to an athiest who doesn’t understand my struggle, although he tries best to please me. I feel that my mind is saying that it is logical to follow Jesus, my heart doesn’t feel joy about following Him and that kind of makes me sad. Part of me feels that I am only Catholic because that is what I know(kind of) and that I am told constantly being that I am going to hell if I am not Catholic. Just horribly confused


You said you are baptized and you are attending RCIA.

Since you are a baptized Catholic, you can receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Why not make an appointment with a priest and starts from there? Tell the secretary you need a one hour appointment. You can tell Father what you are telling us here, have a discussion with him and follow his direction.

I hope you will take an initiative to do so. God bless!


I am going to try to go to Mass tonight. I have never spoken to a priest. So this is going to be very intimidating. Thank you for your advice



Another person here had probably the best answer I’ve seen to the question of what to do about going to Mass if one doesn’t feel like going. Her answer is very wise and to the point: :thumbsup:


I learned this from my own experiences when I listened to my mother doing 2 things: 1) attended a retreat 2 years ago and 2) tried to pray 10 Hail Mary’s every day - I didn’t want to go to retreat and even when prayed the Hail Mary’s, I wasn’t really into praying - I did what my mother requested anyway - oh, boy, that was the turning point of my life.

Jesus, our Lord, showed his obedience to His Mother as a great example for us.


Going to a retreat is a great idea. It jump starts my spiritual life when i get into a rut. Also, making myself watch EWTN and Fr. Corapi in particular helps me when i am in a rut. But by far confession helps me the most when i am in a rut. For me, sin is what usually puts me into the rut in the first place and confession is very healing.


:thumbsup: …Good move. Will be keeping you in prayer and hoping that Father will be very helpful to you…I’ve been a Catholic 63yrs and can still find talking with a priest most intimidating at times - so take comfort - you are not alone!..


I went yesterday. It was nice and it was brief(that is not what made it nice). It wasn’t full, being that it was a tuesday night. I got a lot of literature and sacramentals. I saw the priest and he said hi after Mass. I said hi and then I chickened out:blush: . I felt so intimidated and shy. I think I will wait to start RCIA, before I approach a priest. Thanks for your advice everyone :slight_smile:


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