Troubleshooting for Pro-Life Ministry

I had a very interesting chat with a friend whose views are very opposite of Catholic and pro-life views. There were some things that she made me aware of that I think people involved in pro-life ministry and crisis pregnacy work should know about.

One thing was that she took someone for an abortion, but first they did go to the crisis pregnancy center. The pregnant young woman had been told that she would be able to get help for her and the baby’s basic needs. Instead, she was sent home with a video of a woman having an abortion.

I can see how my friend and the young woman would see this well-intentioned effort to raise awareness as also possibly being a scare or propaganda tactic. But even if not, the woman’s most basic needs and fears should have been addressed first. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, in other words.

Now, I wasn’t there with these two gals at the appointment, so I realize I could be getting a biased or inaccurate version of what happened. But I asked questions and my friend was to the best of my knowledge truthful with me. I told her that I was glad to hear about this and that the pro-life people who are trying to help a woman in a crisis pregnancy need to know about things like this. Because it can lead to an absolute epic fail.

The woman in question did get an abortion. She was in a very dysfunctional relationship and under circumstances where law enforcement should also have been involved, and it sounds as if that did not get addressed either. Somehow there needs to be more awareness - surely there is of these various issues, because I have heard of other instances where they are addressed in a better way. But even one abortion because of the pro-life clinic dropping the ball on two serious issues seems like too many to me! :frowning:

I think this crisis pregnancy center definitely needs to be told what happened and its consequences so that the people there can reevaluate their priorities and strategies, which are so clearly and badly warped according to this account. Honestly I’m shocked if a pro-life organization really acted like such a living incarnation of the calumnies that are made against the movement.

Yeah, and it was one that I had thought had a good reputation for compassion. And maybe it was just one worker who misjudged a situation - but the training should encompass the need for compassion, assessing the client’s greatest needs, etc. I’m almost wondering if I should talk with our Bishop even though this place is not an official ministry of the Diocese, but maybe the Bishop knows some people . . .? I’ll pray about that.

I also wondered - I know there are people who may take advantage of the fact that crisis pregnancy centers give free supplies - maybe some who have a sense of entitlement and thus deplete the resources for others in greater need - that’s a sticky issue, of course, and there’s probably no way of determining it or preventing it.

And some degree of honesty about what abortion is, the PTSD it can cause, is necessary, but it has to be presented with caution to an already stressed out person. I mean, I don’t think I could watch such a video and not have nightmares myself. And then to not be given concrete help with my real needs. I’m sighing and shaking my head as I write this. :nope:

I find that very surprising. I volunteered at a pro-life center and I don’t even think we had such a video in the place.

It does seem odd that that is what my friend said was the only thing the young lady was given by the place. I believe my friend - in the context of the conversation, I don’t think she could’ve made it up - that was a “you had to be there” moment. And I wish I had been a little mouse when she took the girl to the crisis center, because maybe there is context there that I’m not privy to.

However, in any instance, I started this thread because the crisis pregnancy centers are the best thing the pro-life movement’s got going - but we cannot afford to get it wrong in any way that is preventable by common sense and self-examination of conscience, continuous quality control, etc.

We may not be held responsible for the baby who is aborted when we did everything right and the mother was stubborn, but if we screwed it up, well . . . the degree to which we’re responsible I suppose would depend on how big the error was and how conscious, as with any other sin. But the baby is not going to be brought back to life, or the mother helped on to a better life, by our hand-wringing. We have to bring our A-game to this thing.

I’m wondering if I ought to call or write that ministry. And if so, how to go about it. I know I would need to start out by saying this is just what I heard, and give them a chance to tell their side.

Other suggestions? Good idea, bad idea?

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