🇨🇦 Trudeau's Third Conflict of Interest Scandal

I simply want him out. He should just “abdicate” at this point. He’s a disgrace.


I’m no big fan but the alternative isn’t much better. Scheer is a lame duck, and his likely replacement, MacKay, is not much better than Trudeau on ethics on top of being a brazen liar.

As for the NDP, I won’t go there (nor vote for them), and since I’m a federalist Quebecer (and one of probably only 3 monarchist Quebecers), the Bloc isn’t even on my radar screen other than being VERY careful not to accidentally mark an “X” next to the Bloc candidate’s name when I vote :rofl:


You made me laugh. :laughing:

It personally sucks being a social conservative in Quebec, so imagine how hard it is for me to vote!


In this new version of events, Trudeau’s interest wasn’t conflicted.

He was, in fact, the only person standing between a rushed recommendation and a premature rubber stamp.

That means it was the public service’s fault that a Liberal-connected, Trudeau-supported charity suffering many internal problems was sole-sourced for a highly-unusual government contract to deliver the program.

After they came back to declare it was either WE or ‘non’ to the entire student program, why, it HAD to be green lit by the cabinet, Trudeau said.

Sorry, but like almost everything else about this controversy, something smells very off about Thursday’s revelations.

It’s great that you Canadians still have the notion that an elected official shouldn’t enrich themselves through the office they hold. I wish we had that in the United States still.


Justin Trudeau, his wife, Sophie, his mother, Margaret, and his brother, Alexandre, were all deeply connected with, over many years worked for or gave presence to the Kielburger brothers. (In Justin Trudeau’s case, both when he was prime minister and earlier when he was not.) As Trudeau has claimed, they may not have been friends, but on matters of interest common to them both, they couldn’t have been closer to each other had they called in a welder.

They each had something to offer each other. WE’s capacity to round up huge audiences of schoolchildren, and take them to a stadium for a whole day for their brand of do-goodism and progressive sermonizing, supplied Trudeau with audiences of just the kind who matched his own approach to politics. There was an immense spotlight (especially in his early days) on his undeniable charisma, writing the message that a “new politics” was in the making, which doubtless reached the parents of those children in the stadiums.

It is very simple. If Mr. Trudeau says he saw potential trouble with the WE deal, and he does say that, if he already knew it would at least meet the threshold of a conflict of interest; if the finance minister’s involvement and connections with ME intensified the perception of conflict of interest; and if finally he knew his parent, wife and brother were — in varying amounts — being paid by WE, why did he not strike down the deal in one full blast: “This cannot go forward; we are all too mixed up with the Kielburgers. It will look bad.” And in fact, it is bad.

We’ve had some controversies in the past with elected officials abusing the system, but this is a third time offense for our prime minister.

Wow, only three. I think we’re on about 500 here in the States.

There are have been many more offenses like his wearing of black face and such but the media loves him, so he gets a free pass!

Oh, black face, eh? Is he a straight out racist that pardons people that violate the rights of those of color?

Well, he thinks China has the best government in the world, so maybe he could care less about whether people’s rights get trampled on.

It’s clear he doesn’t.

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