True Catholic Religious Education Curriculum - Grades 1-6

I am looking for solid Catholic religious education curriculum for our parish’s religious education program that sticks to true Catholic doctrine. We have a curriculum/publisher whose books “candycoat” topics.

The program is for grades 1 - 6.

Thank you!!!

Checkout they have a curriculum that is doctrinally solid (I’m using the Grade 2 book privately with my children)

I second this and add the Baltimore Catechism.

Thank you - are you both homeschooling your kids? We homeschool our kids but I am on a committee for religious education for kids who do not go to Catholic schools (CCD)…

We have “Our Heavenly Father” and “Jesus Our Life” for our own children since we homeschool. The curriculum from “Faith and Life” seems to be geared towards a parochial school, where religion class is (hopefully) an everyday event.

I am looking for something for a CCD program, where the class is once a week for 45 minutes to an hour.

No, I don’t homeschool my children (my husband didn’t think it was the right thing for us), but I teach in my parish’s faith formation program (which has a lousy curriculum, so I make up my own lessons, supplementing from other sources) and teach my kids from better sources at home. I didn’t think about the curriculum I suggested being more suited for daily instruction (I ran into that same problem at my former parish – we were using a Catholic school curriculum that forced us to teach a week’s worth of material in 45 minutes – not an easy task!).

You might want to private message puzzleannie – she’s a frequent poster in the forums and is a DRE (I think) and orthodox, so she may be able to make some recommendations to you or point you where you could find something

Thank you for your insight!

God bless.

Baltimore Catechism veteran here. The standard for those of us who went to Catholic school before Vatican II.

My FSSP Parish uses “Our Holy Faith” by Neumann press

This is also one of the reasons I go to a FSSP parish… I can TRUST them with helping me with my childrens catholic education.

Here is verbiage from website…

Live Is Christ This most popular Catholic religion series, prepared from the Baltimore Catechism, was developed in the fifties and used in many of the Catholic elementary schools. These books provide a complete, integrated, and basic course in religion for the eight grades of the elementary school. The purpose is to see to it that the pupil has a clear and adequate knowledge of his holy Faith. Great texts, questions and answers, tests, suggested activities, etc. Illustrated text, reinforced sewn signatures, gold-embossed hardcover, 465 pages.

We are using Faith and Life for 1 - 8 in our parish CCE program. This is our first year with this text and most of the teachers really like it. Of course with a once a week program you don’t have time for all of the optional activities but that is the case with all of the other publishers too. There is always a school track and a CCE track with the former either having more depth or a slower pace. The only difference is that F&L doesn’t spell out the differences, either the teacher or the DRE has to do that his/herself.

You have all given me a great place to start. Thank you all.

Have a blessed weekend!

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