True Church of God

My husband and I are invited to a wedding at “The True Church of God.” I surfed the internet looking for information about this religion out of curiousity, and came upon one of the important beliefs of theirs, that “the doctrine of the Trinity is a lie.”

So now I’m worried. We’re Catholic. Should we go to this wedding??

I went to one of their churches websites and it was practically dedicated to anti-Catholic propaganda.

If They think that trinity is a lie, is very similar to muslims, I advice you to not go, we have to go to places that we were well and not refuse our convictions.

who is getting married? if it is a family member, especially a child who is making a break from their Catholic faith by marrying here, you cannot go as you will be seen as supporting their decision to attempt a non-valid marriage. If it is a neighbor or coworker or non-Catholic relative there is no problem with attending (or a Jewish or Muslim wedding if you are allowed to attend) witnessing what for them will be a valid marriage. You are not participating in their worship, merely witnessing a marriage. Naturally you would respectfully stand by and not participate in any part of the proceedings that constitute worship. There are several threads on AA that deal with this question.

You can go to the Church for wedding celebration only.

I personally would not go - I personally could not be a witness to a marriage in a church like that.

My secretary’s father died. Her family is of the Jehovah Witness religion. The funeral service was in a kingdom hall. My wife and I ended up being the only people from work in attendance. Even her best friends didn’t show, giving various excuses. I went in support of a friend.

Of course I brought my bible and got a good dose of their teaching. My wife and I both had a strong sense that we were under spiritual attack while there. This experience will help in future Catholic apologetics.

My wife and I both knew it would be difficult but it has paid off by opening doors in that my secretary is more open to sharing her faith with me. This allows me to reciprocate by sharing my Catholic faith with her.

Have a clear reason why you are going and be prepared to have your faith challenged.

I think your main concern is if one of the people being married is Catholic - then you should definitely not attend. To do so would be an acknowledgement of being in communion with the Catholic Church - which they obviously are not.

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