True Devotion -- constant and disinterested

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Please continue listening to the words of St. Louis de Montfort in “True Devotion”:

  1. Fourth, true devotion to our Lady is constant. It strengthens us in our desire to do good and prevents us from giving up our devotional practices too easily. It gives us the courage to oppose the fashions and maxims of the world, the vexations and unruly inclinations of the flesh and the temptations of the devil. Thus a person truly devoted to our Blessed Lady is not changeable, fretful, scrupulous or timid. We do not say however that such a person never sins or that his sensible feelings of devotion never change. When he has fallen, he stretches out his hand to his Blessed Mother and rises again. If he loses all taste and feeling for devotion, he is not at all upset because a good and faithful servant of Mary is guided in his life by faith in Jesus and Mary, and not by feelings.

  2. Fifth, true devotion to Mary is disinterested. It inspires us to seek God alone in his Blessed Mother and not ourselves. The true subject of Mary does not serve his illustrious Queen for selfish gain. He does not serve her for temporal or eternal well-being but simply and solely because she has the right to be served and God alone in her. He loves her not so much because she is good to him or because he expects something from her, but simply because she is lovable. That is why he loves and serves her just as faithfully in weariness and dryness of soul as in sweet and sensible fervour. He loves her as much on Calvary as at Cana. How pleasing and precious in the sight of God and his holy Mother must these servants of Mary be, who serve her without any self-seeking. How rare they are nowadays! It is to increase their number that I have taken up my pen to write down what I have been teaching with success both publicly and in private in my missions for many years.

  3. I have already said many things about the Blessed Virgin and, as I am trying to fashion a true servant of Mary and a true disciple of Jesus, I have still a great deal to say, although through ignorance, inability, and lack of time, I shall leave infinitely more unsaid.

Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of Your Faithful. Kindle in us the Fire of Your Love. Jesus, we trust in You! Mary, Mother of the Church, pray for us.


Dear Greenfields and MeganCecilia,

Thank you both for your “hearts” - It is always a joy to see that symbol after sharing words from a Saint, like St. Louis de Montfort, who listened so well to Scripture and wrote what he heard from the Lord. In his little treatise on “True Devotion”, he shares with us in this year of 2020 the same Wisdom from God, that he shared with the Church of his own time in the 1700"s.

God’s Truth does not change! Jesus did not come to do away with the Old Testament but to fulfill it. In our day, we are seeing a neglect of God’s Word - and a neglect of His Mother Mary who by the power of the Holy Spirit, conceived in her womb the Incarnate Son of the Father. I can hardly believe that so many Catholics have “lost” that fervent love for Jesus through Mary, that I and many others grew up in, and continue to treasure.

A dear friend said something recently, as I was sharing my concern about this decrease in Devotion – it has echoed in my heart since she wrote these words: “Mary always wins in the end!” Her words reminded me of Words Mary herself said:

In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph!

Mary will triumph because she has always, and ever will do, the Will of Our Father, as Jesus did. Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of Your faithful. Kindle in us the Fire of Your Love. Jesus, we trust in You! Mary Mother of the Church, pray for us.


It is beautiful posting.
Thanks for giving me the light.

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Dear toddy,

Thanks for your reply, but of course you know Who the light is, and He alone gives you His Light through Mary! He also shares His Wisdom with saints like St. Louis de Montfort. I’ve been blessed for years by God’s Grace to read his little book on “True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin”. Each time I read it, I’m blessed and happy to share with others the Truth I hear from God in St. Louis de Montfort’s wrIting.

I hope you will click on this link and read the online version of “True Devotion” if you haven’t already read it. It is also available in an inexpensive paperback copy on Amazon. May God continue to bless you with His Light through Mary, our Mother and Model for the Church.

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