True Girl Magazine discontinued


:mad: I am so upset about this. We subscribe to it and my daughter enjoys it. We just got a post card from them saying that, basically, they can’t afford to continue it. :mad:


Magazines have two sources of revenue - subscriptions and advertising. Advertising brings in the real $$.

The bigger your circulation, the more you can sell advertising for. You can read the handwriting on the wall if there are not many ads in a magazine (we did not subscribe to True Girl, we don’t have any teen girls).


I’m sorry to hear that. It sound like it was a virtuous magazine for girls instead of the common filth on the shelves??

Perhaps someone out there knows of another magazine comparable and could suggest it here.


Yes it was a great magazine - appealed to 13-18 year olds and mixed current interests (fashion advice, peer pressure, etc) with faith values.

I’m very sad.

I hope maybe there is another catholic mag I don’t know about…


We lost the only good magazine subscription we had a few years ago (called Explore!). I was sooo upset. It was the same idea-- they couldn’t afford it any more. :crying:


That’s too bad, I was going to subscribe to that soon as I have an 11 year old!

If it can’t survive without advertising, how can American Girl do it? I don’t believe they have any ads in the magazine, unless they’ve changed in the past few years. I’m not advocating the magazine as I know the company was supporting Girls, Inc. for awhile, but I just wanted to mention the part about the ads.


That’s a good point.:confused:


Their website still seems to be running…


:wave:Hi LIttle Mary!
We also got the postcard. I was upset, too! I’m a little frustrated, as I recommended the magazine to many, many people; providing subscription information, etc. From what I gather, although everyone thought it was a great magazine, they never subscribed! AHHHHH! Per the postcard, they only had a circulation of 5000 subscribers, right? I guess it wasn’t enough snif.


Hey Giannawannabe! Where ya been?:tiphat:

I know, I really felt good about the fact that dd was reading it. She would bring it to me to show me outfits she liked, etc., so I know she was looking through it. :frowning:


American Girl is part of a mega business - it is a sell dolls to girls and moms MACHINE. The magazine is one big ad for a corporation.

If they had a True Girl store in Manhattan it might have helped.


Oh I get it. That makes sense.


Ah, this touches on an issue very dear to me - small presses and publications! They’re ALL under even greater pressure right now, secular and otherwise, losing out to the big publishing houses and being sold down the river. So if there are any non-mass market publishers and mags you want to see survive, please, please subscribe and/or buy their products! Those that need advertisers to continue will lose that support if they don’t have the subscription and circulation to attract their business. Those that do not are even more directly dependent on you, the readers.

We took a two-year subscription to Giant Robot, who recently lost a third of their advertisers, although their quality and growing newsstand popularity has been such that they’d just managed to move from a quarterly to a bimonthly schedule - I think they’ll ride it out, but I’m doing my bit to assist.

And the (absolutely marvelous) avant-garde literature press McSweeney’s got screwed out of the sweat of their brows recently in a contract breach, but they’re dedicated and bouncing back. :smiley: They ask so little for all they do, and I’m very proud to be a full subscriber and supporter of their works. We also got their nifty giant squid tshirts, because they seem to be as big fans of those mysterious inhabitants of the abyss as we are. :wink:


Sad but true!!


snif-snif:crying:We even used the makeover stuff in one issue for her makeover birthday party.


Wow, I never even heard of it, and already I miss it!

Maybe they could continue with a web presence.




My daughter is heartbroken. When a new issue was due to arrive, she’d stand by the mailbox.

I think you can get back issues on the website.


Well, I must say, this makes me very sad. I was just about to subscribe to this magazine for my goddaughter. (Her nameday is in December.) Previously, I had gotten her a subscription to **My Friend **magazine, which has also recently ceased production after many years. (She was ready to transition to a magazine for older girls, anyway, which is why I was going to subscribe to True Girl.) Phooey!

I guess no one has any alternative to suggest…

God bless all, and especially our girls!


I think my sisters got that magazine, but I haven’t seen it since several months ago, so I guess … I don’t know, I never really noticed it stopped coming. I’m sorry that it got stopped though, there were a couple of sections that seemed all right. :slight_smile:

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