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Hi I came a crossed this website and was wondering if any one knew anything about it, or has heard if the Church has made any statements regarding it, or if it has been approved?

I know that before the church confirms apparitions, or messages such as these, they do say that it is ok for the faithful to follow it as long as it does not teach anything contradicting the church, and these messages seem very amazing.

So if you know any thing please let me know, or check out the messages from, what I have read so far they are very beautiful. Thanks.


The forum rules are that we cannot discuss unapproved apparitions. The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith said in a 1995 letter that, the faithful are “not to regard Mrs. Ryden’s writings and speeches of divine or supernatural origin, but rather as the result of her private meditations.”

Here is the 1995 letter:

Vassula Ryden Notification


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