True Spirit of Christmas at the Mall Food Court

Somebody knows how to put the Christ back in Christmas!! Take a minute and listen to it all the way through, especially if you’re having a busy day!

Oh thank you dearly friend. I have seen this already but it was the best thing I have seen for so long! Truly a Gospel Message! I cry every time I watch it!

Thank you for sharing it!


This one was just done in Philly…

If anyone is in Sacramento… Choirs are going to the Roseville mall on 12-20 to surprise everyone there with a sudden burst of “Hallelujah” sung there.

(7:30pm)… shhh its a secret.

Its wonderful to see people happily join in the singing…especially since the song is a praise to our Lord God.

Thanks for sharing this. I showed it to some of my family members. :smiley:

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