True unity has always been within each of us

When “Cain” = (black smith) = smith
murdered his brother
"Abel" = (Shepherd)

“Cain” was sent off to the east, because he was not sorry, and blamed others for his murder. Needing salvation he had to wait.

In the East we know there were Magi, they were experts of the stars, and in astrology there was a time set in the stars that a divine being would be born, they knew the time frame.

These Magi, followed a Star, that brought them to the Manger of Baby Jesus. This bright star has actually been proven to hapen give and take a few years. But the Star was more than a Star, it was a time in the past that I believe Jupitor lined up with Venus and many stars so there was a massive bright light in the skies for a period of time.

These Eastern people knew of this day, far in advance, and knew what they were going to see, this divine baby boy. They were well prepared and brought gifts.

Perhaps these were the “Cain People” who had to wait a long period of time for there time to be saved, through the divinity of this baby boy who us Christians call Christ.

The Shepherds came from the west, to find the head shepherd, the high priest.

They were from the Jewish roots and they came from the knowledge of Jewish Tradition. These Shepherds could have been the so called decendents of “Abel” who were given a special gift from God. The ability to have a religion like no other people, not only a religion but a blood line, protected for all time by God. Didn’t God make a covenant with Abraham?

So here is baby Jesus wrapped up and placed in a manger. The manger is a feeding troth and Jesus is the “living bread” born in Bethlaham “House of bread” placed in a manger “served on a feeding troth” for all people.

As Catholics we participate in the Eucharist, which is the bread of life, for us to eat, eating the flesh of Christ, for all who believe in Jesus Christ and His Church. A universal Church bringing together all people, races, cultures, and customs.

Just like “Abel” the shepherd, Jesus was a called a Shepherd over his flock of sheep, and Just like “Abel” predestined to die in the story, Jesus gave us his life on the cross.

After Jesus died for us that day, He was wrapped in a shroud just like when He was a baby he was wrapped up. But three days later he was resurected because He is the living bread.

This is the Eucharist set up at the manger scene, where this bread is for all people, whoever believes. And he seals the deal on the cross, goes to Hades, to let it be known that the gates of Heaven are now open, whoever believed that day were resurected, in long waiting after death in a place called Hades.

Christ comes back and holds His Last Supper, so that we all can do this in rememberance of him. He is truly truly the bread that gives eternal life, if you believe.

It takes some longer than others, but I believe everyone will have an opportunity to accept him or deny him.

I didn’t follow all the theology, but I believe true unity is within each of us, at least when we were infused with the Holy Spirit who can heal all wounds.

The unity is our light. The basket, acting like a dirty prism, divides the light into many colors and each person selectively shines a unique pattern, the beauty of which is a combination of societal convention and perception.

Wounds are divisions. Knowledge is the recombination of that which has been divided.

When original sin first entered man, he was divided from God. By bringing us into His family, Christ assured our divinity, making us by adoption both human and divine like himself.

The key is not that we don’t have what it takes, just that we’d best chip away at that bushel and let our light shine.

Of course I know nothing of what I am talking about. I just made all this up so if it is a thread diversion, then I apologize in advance.


[edit] OK, I cannot claim false credit. There were a few statements I borrowed from others, but I just made up the way of stringing them together. Also I didn’t truly use my “own” words; I used words that other people taught me. :stuck_out_tongue: (That last quip thanks to George Carlin)

[quote=AlanFromWichita]Of course I know nothing of what I am talking about.

I beg to differ. Sounds good to me.

[quote=aridite]I beg to differ. Sounds good to me.

I’m glad. I tend to self deprecate because I don’t have theology knowledge or credentials to avoid saying things that are big alarms to orthodox who know more than me. It’s defensive, but it avoids questions about “on whose authority” I speak, when I am actually the author of my own opinions so on them I am absolutely authoritative. That way people who find my opinions against the Church can write me off as someone who Has His Own Conscience and therefore irrelevant to apologetics, or they can take it for whatever they find it worth, or they can correct me or chastise me. It’s hard to accuse me of making stuff up when I’ve already admitted to it, so in a way it tries to protect me from accidentally stirring up anger.

If there’s anything I really fear, it’s people who are angry with me or afraid of me; either one is unstable IMO and needs to be defused for our mutual benefit. I’m not nearly as confident as I act like, so in this way I defend myself against accurate charges of misrepresenting the “correct” opinion.


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