True vs. false circumcision in Romans 2:25-29


I am currently doing a detailed study of Paul epistle to the Romans. In working my through the passage mentioned in the title, I am remembering something that I read some years ago, to the effect that in or about Paul’s day there was a Jewish tradition (with a very small “t”) that on the Day of Judgment as Jews who had broken the covenant by living wickedly were descending to Hell, there would be an angel assigned to replace their foreskins, thus giving them the physical correlation to the uncircumcised life that they had led in the body. However, I have been through all 15 or so of the commentaries that I own, and I cannot find where I might have read that. Multiple Google searches have also turned up empty.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?


Anybody? Nobody?


I did a search on foreskins in hell. One of the results was:

Abraham as the Great (Un)Circumciser
A Surprising Midrashic Portrait of Abraham


That’s a text string I did not search on, but it got a good hit. I don’t think that this was the specific article that I read, but it is quite likely that what I read was someone’s paraphrase from the same Misrash. In any case, I can use this. Thank you very much.


Biblical theology asserts for us the divine theology of God.




My response exactly.


The pre-supposition of the moral intellect is morally binding.

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