Truly a sad state of affairs

I find it sad that these people feel obliged to act in this un-Christ-like way.

The situation with the SSPX is spiraling out of control on several fronts since the election of Pope Francis. If this doesn’t stop, there might be some real excommunications.

"A small group disrupted Tuesday night’s ceremony by shouting the rosary and the “Our Father” prayer, and spreading pamphlets saying “followers of false gods must be kept out of the sacred temple.”

So, Jews and protestants follow “false gods?”

A ceremony, one specially beloved by the pope and attended by his close friend Rabbi Skorka, to remember the victims murdered during Kristallnacht in 1938, heralding the beginning of state violence towards Jews in Germany that would end in the Holocaust, is disrupted and violated by these extremists? In Buenos Aires too! This is a direct insult to the Holy Father.

What a disgraceful, utterly despicable spectacle. The SSPX should be ashamed. I truly wish to hear no more of such people, a schismatic sect that reject an ecumenical council of Holy Mother Church and then proceed to act in so un-Christ-like a manner.

Such disgusting scenes demonstrate why they remain yet outwith the Body of Christ through their own blindness to the Truth.

May Jesus have mercy on them and forgive them.

The FSSPX have been split into two groups. I think I know which one was spreading these pamphlets.

Film footage of the incident

I agree very strongly with such sentiments. :thumbsup:

Let’s pray for them.

What was done was reprehensible and we should pray that those responsible see the shame they have brought upon themselves.

That being said, and I am in no way a supporter of the SSPX, it is unfair to characterize the entirety of the SSPX by the actions of a few morons.

Pray for them because one day they may have to explain themselves to someone higher than the Pope.

The article posted by the OP had the South America head of the SSPX defending them for doing the right thing. So it isn’t just a few morons.

This is, by the way, a month after Bishop Fellay of the SSPX accused Pope Francis of being a heretic. Things are going down hill fast.

Does it really matter or even surprise anyone? The sspx were born in disobedience; such is the result.

And to use the rosary in such a way is shameful.

The SSPX believes that the documents from the Second Vatican Council espouse heresy. As such, they believe that no Pope from Paul VI onward is valid, considering instead the head of the SSPX to be the “true” pope. They don’t believe that they are schismatics - they believe that we, the Church that accepted Vatican II, are the real schismatics. In other words, they don’t believe an excommunication on them would be valid - they believe that we are the ones who should be excommunicated, for accepting what the SSPX believes to be heresy!

Jews and Prostestants dont follow false gods Jews simply deny Jesus is the Messiah and his Divinity and Protestants are believers in Our Lord Jesus just most dont support confession calling a man father or holy artwork and sacrementals but this group had no business acting so irradically at an interfaith service shame on them for saying that Jews and Protestants are false god followers

“He who is not with the Pope is not with God; and he who wants to be with God has to be with the Pope.” Sr. Lucia of Fatima

That is an outright lie.

Disclaimer: I am not a supporter or benefactor of the sspx.


That is a highly Ironic quote, because they use the Fatima vision as support for what they do!

Actually, the sspx requested the removal of the excommunications by Pope John Paul, so it would seem that, even though they always said that it was not valid, they recognized it as a legitimate act.

They publicly proclaim that they accept the popes since Vatican II as valid, though one has to wonder that they could have directed such attacks at the men they claim to recognize as the successor of Peter.

My contempt for them is based on their view that Mass according to the Missal of Pope Paul VI is “evil” and “displeasing to God.” This was on their website for a long time and then mysteriously disappeared during the time of the removal of the excommunications. I do not know if it is still there. That any Catholic priest could view a Mass as valid and legitimate, yet still call it “evil” is, to me, a sacrilege. How can the valid consecration of the Eucharist ever be “evil?”

They still say it. That’s what started this thread:

Bp. Fellay said, “so we tell them, ‘The New Mass is bad, it is evil’”. (from the first post)

SSPX has gone of the deep end…. it’s unfortunate and sad. As it sits today, they are the 20th century’s version of the Old Catholics. We should all pray that they return to the Church.

At a very practical level, don’t these people read the Bible?

…and spreading pamphlets saying “followers of false gods must be kept out of the sacred temple.”

How is the God of Abraham a false god? Doesn’t anyone actually pick up the Bible, open the cover and read it?


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