Trump Abruptly Orders 46 Obama-Era Prosecutors to Resign

Trump Abruptly Orders 46 Obama-Era Prosecutors to Resign

People need to

If anyone’s read my posts, you know I cannot abide Trump or anything he stands for. However, this is a non-story; sometimes the current US attorneys are allowed to stay on until their successors are nominated and confirmed, but not necessarily. No big deal; all new administrations - if representing a different party from the last one - appoint their own people.

Read the article. It is not that simple.

Clinton fired 93…

Abruptly??? Fake news…

Read the article. It clearly differentiates the abruptness of the the transition in the Clinton versus Trump administration.

I read the story and it is that simple. Lawyers come and go all the time and this is no big deal.:shrug:

Oh, so you missed the part about contrasting the abruptness of this order, even its reveral of prior commitments, to the process within the Clinton administration. Wonder how?

As I read the story from several sources

  • All career prosecutors kept their jobs
  • Only political appointees were asked to resign
  • Trump is doing this more slowly than other admins, waited 2 months

This is fake news, just like when the political appointees who were ambassadors were recalled.

I only remember the attorney that said she doesn’t want to do her job because Trump is not her president. Even the title uses manipulating words.

I believe arrests of high-level politicians’ will start soon.

It’s abrupt, and if any prosecutors were asked to resign in the middle of important investigations there should be some criticism, but this seems pretty normal.

Notice by press release. 12 hrs to clear out. Disregard of pending cases.
That’s abrupt and it different from other administrations, who handled the transitions with far greater professionalism.

This is nothing special. Federal Prosecutors are political appointees just like cabinet officers. It is not uncommon for a new administration to ask for resignations once it takes over.

As is typical, the unabashedly anti-Trump MSM is trying to spin this to make it sound like the President is doing something bad.

Go Donald…:slight_smile:


There are over 2,300 prosecutors offices in the United States.

46 is a trivial number.

People did WAKE UP when they voted Trump in. Getting rid of a bunch of leftist prosecutors is a terrific idea. Go Trump! :thumbsup:

No. People need to be informed with real news.


Getting it done right, instead of keeping the saboteurs around.

What it is is the MSM playing to the ignorance of the electorate as to how things work. They are making it sound like this is unusual and apparently some of our posters have bought it. Anything to discount the Trump administration.

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